Common Causes of Transmission Noise After a Fluid Change

The transmission of a vehicle is crucial for it to move and operate properly. The job of a transmission is to transmit power from the engine and deliver it to the wheels of the driving mechanism. There is a gearbox connecting to the transmission which lets the driver change gears. When the gears are changed, … Read more

Overdrive in Automatic Transmissions: What It Is and How to Use It

The term “overdrive” refers to the highest gear that you can shift to in a vehicle’s automatic transmission. When the overdrive gear is set, the engine will run at very low revolutions-per-minute. This will cause the engine to make less noise while driving better at a single speed on the highway or some other single-speed … Read more

Tips to Check Transmission Fluid Condition (Manual & Automatic)

The engine uses oil to keep its components lubricated so that they don’t wear down and form corrosion that easily. Similarly, the transmission needs its own special lubricant known as transmission fluid to lubricate the gears of the transmission. And the article below provide a good information on how to check properly the transmission fluid … Read more

How Often to Change Transmission Fluid (Manual and Automatic)

In order for the gears inside your vehicle to have smooth movements, they rely on transmission fluid to do the job. Checking the amount of transmission fluid that you have left is similar to the way in which you check your level of engine oil. The only difference is that you check your transmission fluid … Read more

Top 4 Symptoms of a Bad Clutch Master Cylinder

Every manual car will have a clutch master cylinder in it. This cylinder gives the clutch the hydraulic pressure it needs to function. You will know if there is a problem with this master cylinder because you will hear or feel strange things when you press down on the clutch or shift gears. These are … Read more

Semi Automatic Transmission Functions, Pros and Cons

Ever since the 1930s, semi-automatic transmissions have existed. But they slowly evolved over the decades and now we have something much different than what existed back then. That is common with every component of a car, though. Semi-Automatic Transmission A semi-automatic transmission is basically a manual transmission that does not use a clutch. Instead, the … Read more

Average Cost to Change Automatic Transmission Fluid

If you are driving a car with an automatic transmission then you will need to change the automatic transmission fluid every 20,000-30,000 miles. You will also need to change the filter as well. The average cost at an automotive shop for a job like this can run anywhere between $150 and $210. These costs just … Read more

Automatic Transmission Slipping Symptoms

Automatic Transmission Slipping in your car can leave you stuck unexpectedly and can even lead to the preventable rebuilding of a new transmission. However, with some basic knowledge about the warning signs and symptoms of automatic transmission slipping, you completely avoid the high expenses towards repairing your cars transmission. A vehicle’s transmission helps to control … Read more

Symptoms of Burnt Automatic Transmission Fluid

As soon as a car owner or driver senses an odor of some burning transmission fluid, this definitely becomes a call for servicing your car parts. Even though it mostly occurs with specific cars than in other makes and models, as long as you have driven your car for longer periods without proper servicing, transmission … Read more

Automatic Transmission Vacuum Modulator Functions

For your car to shift appropriately, the automatic transmission vacuum modulator functions must analyze if your engine works properly to execute such a command. It does this in two different means. Even though some car makes and models have simple cable linkages attached to a throttle valve in the automatic transmission, it still serves the … Read more