What Does White Smoke From The Car Exhaust Mean

White Smoke From The Car Exhaust

If there’s a change in the color of the smoke coming from the exhaust pipe of a car, it means that a fault has occurred somewhere in the engine or near the engine of that specific car which could of severe depending on its cause. It could be due to the accumulated condensed vapors gathered in the combustion chamber of the engine and may not have any negative impacts on the engine. On the other hand, it could also be something a severe which could indicate that the car in the question is breaking down and need some immediate looking at. The damage could be extended and may become impossible to repair if left alone.

Here, you will be educated about what does white smoke from the car exhaust mean and the reasons behind it.

Common Reasons

If the white smoke is seen coming out of the exhaust pipe of the car only when the engine of the car is started, then there is no cause for worry. This white smoke is due to the accumulated condensed vapors that make their way into the engine through the exhaust pipe of the vehicle. That white is only those condensed vapors getting out.

In case of a car with a diesel engine in it, the white smoke could have a different meaning. If the a diesel engine car gives off a lot of white smoke from its exhaust pipe when it is started, then that could mean that fuel pump injection timing of the diesel engine is off. The car should be taken to mechanic so that he may check this issue and fix it if the necessity arises.

If the white is coming continuously out of the exhaust pipe of the car while the car is running and not just when the car is started, it could indicate a coolant leak and the burning of that leaked coolant inside the burning combustion cylinders of the engine. This problem is not a serious one but a professional mechanic should be sought out in this case in order to fix the leak. Another reason for this could be that the vehicle has run out of its coolant. In this case, the car must be brought to a stop immediately since the car will start to overheat and overheating does serious damage to the engine. Stop the car and check the levels of the coolant in order to confirm that this is the problem and the cause for the white smoke.

Another reason for a continuous emission of the white smoke from the exhaust pipe of the vehicle could be a cracked cylinder head, a crack in the cylinder head gasket or crack in the engine block itself. If none of the other problem are found in case of a continuous emission of the white smoke from the vehicle, then one of these three problem could be the culprit and must be fixed as soon as possible since they may become more severe and may cause further damage to the engine.  However, note that these problems can cost quite a bit to be fixed.

Have the maintenance of your car performed at regular intervals and you’ll be able to detect such problems before they become a backbreaking expense.

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