3 Symptoms of a Clogged Heater Core (and Common Causes)

clogged heater core symptoms

As fall slips away, and winter begins, frigid temperatures take hold over much of the country. This is the point at which most motorists come to appreciate their vehicle’s heat. That is, of course, if their vehicle’s heat is functioning as anticipated. After all, a lack of heat during the winter months can make for … Read more

5 Tips for Starting Your Car in Cold Weather

starting car in cold weather

If you live in the northern hemisphere of the world then you are probably used to cold weather. This coldness can have an effect on your ability to start up your vehicle for a variety of reasons. For one thing, car batteries have trouble producing an electrical current in colder weather. On top of that, … Read more

3 Common Causes of a Car That’s Hard to Start When Cold

car is hard to start when cold

Have you ever noticed that your engine can be hard to start sometimes? This problem is known to happen more frequently when it’s cold outside. Starting Problems (Hot vs Cold Temperatures) Well, there are various reasons why engines have trouble starting in different temperatures. When an engine is hot and hard to start, the problem … Read more

Common Brake Problems in Cold Weather

brakes in cold weather

If you live in climates where cold weather is common, then it could cause problems for your brakes. Now mechanically speaking, cold temperatures don’t actually ruin your vehicle’s brakes. But what they can do is cause your brake rotors and pads to wear out faster. The reason for this has to do with the slippery … Read more