6 Symptoms of a Warped Brake Rotor (and What Causes It)

Let’s clarify our terminology right from the start. The term “warped brake rotor” is somewhat misleading. Warping would be a change in the geometric shape of a rotor. Brake rotors do not change shape; they do not geometrically warp. Here’s why… How Brake Rotors Are Created The manufacturing procedure for most rotors is a casting … Read more

14 Reasons Your Car Jerks When Braking, Slowing Down, or Stopped

scared driver

In today’s ultra fast-paced society, our vehicles serve as a vital cornerstone to nearly every facet of our day-to-day lives. We rely upon the proper operation of our vehicles when commuting to work, traveling to the grocery, and taking a vacation. Without our ability to commute effortlessly, many of our modern conveniences fall by the … Read more

4 Reasons Your Brake Pedal Goes to the Floor (and How to Fix It)

brake pedal goes to the floor

As a driver, little could be scarier than attempting to apply your vehicle’s brakes, only to find that your brake pedal goes straight to the floor, with no pressure whatsoever. This is not only a terrifying thought but an outright hazard as well. The truth is, that proper brake function is paramount to vehicle safety … Read more

New Brakes Squeaking or Squealing? (Here’s Why)

new brakes squeaking noise

When you take your vehicle in for new brakes, the last thing you expect to happen is to hear them squeaking or squealing again when you get home. But what does it mean when that’s happening? Is it normal, or did the repair shop do a bad job? The truth is that it depends on … Read more

3 Reasons Your Parking Brake is Stuck

stuck emergency brake

The average vehicle is generally subject to a number of mechanical issues throughout its lifetime, many of which can be rather concerning to motorists. Of these mechanical issues, few are as troubling as those related to a vehicle’s brakes, which serve as the most significantly important of all automotive safety equipment. While most envision a … Read more

Brake Pad Thickness (Minimum, Ideal, and When New)

brake pad thickness

For automobiles and light trucks, braking systems with disc brakes utilize friction elements called brake pads. During every stopping event, the considerable energy of your car’s motion is effectively converted to heat by the brakes at each of the wheels. During normal driving, this process repeats over and over. While brake caliper parts will become … Read more

5 Causes of Brakes Locking Up While Driving

brakes locking up

Almost every motorist understands the true value of a properly functioning brake system. However, few are as keenly aware of this as those that have been left to contend with brake failure of any type, while in the midst of day-to-day travel.  We all too often take proper brake operation for granted. After all, it … Read more

6 Causes of Spongy Brakes (or Soft Brake Pedal)

causes of spongy brakes

Every driver knows how it’s supposed to feel when they hit the brakes. So, when something doesn’t feel right, it’s essential to track down the problem’s cause and fix it right away. The good news is that while spongy brakes are a common concern, it’s usually a pretty straightforward fix, and if you know what … Read more