3 Symptoms of a Bad ABS Module (and Replacement Cost)

bad ABS module

Today’s vehicles are substantially safer than those of yesteryear, due in large part to the advent and development of specific automotive systems designed to minimize potential hazards as a whole. Of these systems, few are more effective than the anti-lock … Read more

5 Reasons Your Parking Brake is Stuck

stuck emergency brake

The average vehicle is generally subject to a number of mechanical issues throughout its lifetime, many of which can be rather concerning to motorists. Of these mechanical issues, few are as troubling as those related to a vehicle’s brakes, which … Read more

Brake Pad Thickness (Minimum, Ideal, and When New)

brake pad thickness

For automobiles and light trucks, braking systems with disc brakes utilize friction elements called brake pads. During every stopping event, the considerable energy of your car’s motion is effectively converted to heat by the brakes at each of the wheels. … Read more

5 Causes of Brakes Locking Up While Driving

brakes locking up

Almost every motorist understands the true value of a properly functioning brake system. However, few are as keenly aware of this as those that have been left to contend with brake failure of any type, while in the midst of … Read more