11 Different Types of Headlights

types of headlights

Gone are the days when all cars and trucks had the same types of lights. Instead, there are a variety of different headlight types and technologies in use today, which differ based on the bulb type, bulb number, or kind of housing (which affects how the light is emitted) that’s used. Let’s have a look … Read more

4 Causes of Squeaky Windshield Wipers (and How to Stop Them)

squeaky windshield wipers

It’s annoying. *Schlursh* *Squeak* *Brrrrbp* *Brrrrrbp* over and over again when the rain has already stopped and you just forgot to turn the windshield wipers off. Shouldn’t the engineers have figured out how to stop the squeaking? What about the annoying sounds your wipers make when scrubbing ice off your windshield? You might have noticed … Read more

How Much Do Car Batteries Weigh? (20 Real-World Examples)

how much does a car battery weigh

Your car battery is something each person knows about, even if you think you don’t know anything about cars. Your battery is the item that dies and your car won’t start. It’s what you have to “Jump” if you leave an interior light on overnight. Basically, every car needs a battery, and some need more … Read more

4 Causes of a Steering Wheel That’s Off-Center (and How to Fix It)

steering wheel not centered

If you spend enough years behind the wheel, you will inevitably run into more than one situation that will cause you to scratch your head. These situations tend to be most memorable, for their ability to bewilder the average motorist, due to the seemingly impossible circumstances that they present. One mind-boggling situation that perfectly illustrates … Read more

Should You Check Oil When the Engine is Hot or Cold?

check oil hot or cold

If you’ve owned a car for even a short length of time, you should be aware that the engine oil level must be periodically checked. That’s because most gasoline and diesel engines slowly consume (or leak) their lubricating oil. Even your shiny new car will experience some oil consumption over time. And if the oil … Read more

3 Symptoms of a Bad Turn Signal Relay (and How to Test)

Your turn signal is one of the most important safety features in your vehicle, even if it is one of the most overlooked. But what do you do when the feature you take for granted stops working? Well, you start digging into how the blinkers work of course! And once you start digging, one of … Read more

4 Reasons Windshield Wipers Are Not Returning to the Rest Position

wipers not returning to rest position

It only takes a few minutes of navigating through a relentless rainstorm to understand the true importance of a vehicle’s windshield wipers. When operating as anticipated, a vehicle’s wipers whisk away moisture, thereby preventing a driver’s view from being obstructed during even the heaviest of downpours. In truth, proper windshield wiper operation is as much … Read more

Can Gas Freeze in Your Car or Gas Can?

can gas freeze

The average vehicle is exposed to a wide range of weather conditions within its service life, which often includes extreme fluctuations in temperature. While many motorists are well aware of the stress placed upon a vehicle when operated in stifling heat, far fewer realize that the blistering cold can prove equally troublesome. One of the … Read more

6 Ways To Remove Water Spots From Car Windows

how to remove water spots on car windows

If you’ve ever gotten fed up with washing your car because you’re a bit of a perfectionist, then there’s a chance you’ve run into this problem: water spots on your glass. While it might seem like a small issue that you should just ignore, for some, it’s the cause for a lot of frustration. Keep … Read more

6 Reasons Your Car A/C Smells Bad (and What to Do About It)

car ac smells bad

There are two seasons in the life of your car, truck, or SUV where the interior can smell bad. The first may occur following several years of smell-free ownership. The second may take place immediately following purchase if you have bought a pre-owned vehicle. In either case, the result is the air coming from your … Read more