5 Symptoms of Bent Engine Valves (and Cost to Fix)

bent valves

Although we hope to never find our vehicle’s engine in a state that warrants internal repair, the possibility of such issues is never out of the question. Unfortunately, repairing issues of this nature tends to be relatively costly, and rather involved, making it even more vital to understand the full scope of the situation at … Read more

Alternator Overcharging (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

A vehicle’s starting and charging system are composed of several different components, all of which are of substantial significance. If one or more of these components were to fail at a given time, vehicle operation would be negatively impacted, up to the point of leaving a motorist stranded in the most dire of cases. One … Read more

Service Engine Soon Light Is On (What Should You Do?)

service engine soon light is on

Nobody wants to see lights staying on the dash after they start everything up, but did you know that some lights don’t necessarily mean there’s a problem? That’s the case with the service engine soon light, so you can take a big sigh of relief. But just because it doesn’t mean there’s a problem doesn’t … Read more

6 Symptoms of a Warped Brake Rotor (and What Causes It)

Let’s clarify our terminology right from the start. The term “warped brake rotor” is somewhat misleading. Warping would be a change in the geometric shape of a rotor. Brake rotors do not change shape; they do not geometrically warp. Here’s why… How Brake Rotors Are Created The manufacturing procedure for most rotors is a casting … Read more

5 Symptoms of a Bad IAT Sensor (and Replacement Cost)

bad intake air temperature sensor

One would find themselves hard-pressed to recite the comprehensive list of sensors utilized by the modern automobile, in its entirety. Almost every function performed by today’s vehicles is now supported by feedback relayed by one or more sensors. This feedback is comprehended by a vehicle’s ECM (Engine Control Module) and is used to quantify any … Read more