5 Reasons Your Car Hesitates When Accelerating

When there is engine hesitation when you accelerate, this means that it cannot generate enough power to move the vehicle. This can happen when you’re idling, when there are cold temperatures outside, or when you’re carrying a heavy load. If the car is moving while this happens, it can be quite dangerous because the hesitation … Read more

4 Different Types of Differentials (and How They Work)

types of vehicle differentials

Differentials have a long history which many say go all the way back to the 1st millennium BC and recorded by China. While they didn’t have cars back then, chariots, wagons, and carts still experienced the problem of wheels slipping and dragging when cornering which damaged wheels, axles, and roads. The avoid this, a simple … Read more

Front and Rear Differential Repair and Fluid Change Cost

differential repair cost

A vehicle’s differential (or diff), whether front (FWD), rear (RWD), or both (AWD), helps deliver power to the axle(s) and regulates how fast each wheel rotates. Like any other component of a drivetrain, differential problems may arise over time. Because the issues can be anything from replacing a seal to a complete rebuild or replacement, … Read more

5 Symptoms of a Bad CV Joint and Replacement Cost

bad CV joint

The function of constant-velocity joints, or CV joints, in a vehicle is to help transfer power to the wheels from your transmission. Power is transmitted at a consistent speed of rotation when there isn’t much friction. In other words, power from the engine is transferred smoothly to the wheels of the vehicle, no matter the … Read more

4 Causes of Noise and Vibration From Your Wheels

The most common car problems that you will have will revolve around your tires in some way. For most people, this means having either flat tires or low tire pressure. But the most extreme tire problems will be when they start making strange noises and vibrations while you’re driving on the road at low and … Read more

6 Different Types of Constant-Velocity (CV) Joints

CV joint types

The function of constant-velocity joints, or CV joints, in a vehicle is to let power be transferred to the wheels from the transmission. Power is transmitted at a consistent speed of rotation while there is not much friction. This is why when you have a problem with a CV joint, you’ll likely experience shaking when … Read more

How Often to Change Front & Rear Differential Fluid

Differentials are found in all cars. Sometimes a differential may be found on the rear side of a vehicle and sometimes it’s found on the front side. Some cars even have differentials on both ends. If you have a front differential in your car with a transaxle built in, then the rear differential will use … Read more

Limited Slip Differential vs Locking Differential

Locking differentials and limited-slip differentials both serve similar functions, but they also have some differences as well. They both get installed onto the axles of a car in order to give the wheels better traction while enduring rough environments, like dirt roads, which can cause one of the wheels to spin and break traction. If … Read more