Tire Pressure Sensor Fault (What it Means and How to Fix)

tire pressure sensor fault (TPMS)

You’ve probably been there before. While driving, your instrument cluster suddenly displays a “Tire Pressure Sensor Fault” message or warning light. But what exactly does it mean and how do you fix it? What is a Tire Pressure Sensor? A tire pressure sensor is a small computer located inside each tire. It is designed to … Read more

5 Symptoms of Unbalanced Tires in Your Car

Whenever you get new tires placed onto your vehicle, you need to ensure that all the tires are balanced before they touch the ground. That is the only way your vehicle is going to drive and function correctly. Auto mechanics and service shops have a balancing machine which they use to help balance your wheels. … Read more

5 Proper Ways to Read Tire Size

Car owners often don’t think about all the markings on the sides of their tires. They figure that knowing the brand and model of their tires is good enough if they ever need to replace one. However, there are also markings which pertain to the size of the tire and the safety standards set forth … Read more

Average Cost of Four Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is a very important procedure that prevents the wheels and tires of your car from vibrating while spinning on the road. Getting a perfect balance calls for the checking of any heavy spots at the point where the wheels and tires combine. After identifying such spots, the mechanics can compensate for it by … Read more

Average Wheel Alignment Cost

The Importance of Knowing the Average Wheel Alignment Cost of Your Vehicle The main purpose of a wheel alignment is to ensure that the wheels of your vehicle runs in a consistent way to each other so that both the front and rear wheels touch the road at similar angles. Well aligned wheels helps you … Read more

How to Identify Bad Wheel Bearings on Your Car

For any vehicle owners who are concerned with potential wheel bearing issues, there are some clear signs that a wheel bearing issue may exist in a vehicle. First and foremost, a bad wheel bearing is going to probably be making some strange noises which will be easily audible to the driver and any other passengers … Read more