Average Shocks and Struts Replacement Cost (What to Expect)

average shocks and struts replacement cost

Shocks and struts are an important part of your vehicle’s suspension. While you may never need to replace them, they do wear out over time and can eventually fail. Expect most shocks or struts to last anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 miles. So what is the average cost to replace shocks and struts on your … Read more

The Difference Between a Shock and a Strut

As you drive your car on the road, it provides a great deal of stability and comfort when it is in good working condition. The suspension assembly is responsible for maintaining this kind of comfortable stability in the vehicle. The two specific components that help make this happen are the shocks and/or struts. The reason … Read more

Pros and Cons of MacPherson Vs Double Wishbone Suspension

Every vehicle has a suspension system in it. The purpose of a suspension system is to attach the wheels to the entire vehicle which they are moving. The suspension system is comprised of several parts and components, such as the linkages, tires, shock absorbers, the air in the tires, steering system, joints, bearings, bushings, and … Read more

6 Symptoms of a Bad Shock Absorber and Replacement Cost

The function of shock absorbers is to make sure the tires of your vehicle stay on the ground consistently. It does this by managing how the suspension and springs move. That way, your tires are always touching the road whether the vehicle is moving or not. This also comes in real handy if you’re driving … Read more

Top 5 Causes of Lower Control Arm Bushing Noise

The lower control arm bushing is located in the suspension system of your vehicle. It is a rubber component which has two metal sleeves inside of it. It is responsible for allowing the control arm to connect to the frame of the vehicle and the wheel hub. That way, every time you turn the steering … Read more

Symptoms of a Bad Lower Control Arm Bushing and Replacement Cost

The suspension system of every vehicle has something called a control arm bushing. The bushing is comprised of two sleeves of metal that are encased in rubber. It is positioned between the vehicle’s frame and the control arm. As you may know, the control arm is what connects the frame to the wheel hub. This … Read more