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The cartreatments.com is a place where you can find all of the actually helpful information about the cars in one place through the decade of experience and expertise of Ipan Faelani. We are a website who prizes our desire and ability to convey the actually helpful repair tips and the actual symptoms of trouble in your car. We provide all there is to know about the car repairs, the DIY (Do it Yourself) methods for which the risks of failure are fairly low, symptoms of any system or component failure and the reasons behind those failures so that you may have the sound knowledge of the inner workings of your car. This knowledge can help you determine the root of the problem your car has run into so that you can take the car to the specific repair shop to get it fixed.

We provide the repairing information about the General Repair and Electronics Repairs of your cars. Our Engine and Transmission Information will help you determine the root of the problem through observing and detecting several symptoms. We also provide the best maintenance tips for your car which include both the periodic maintenance to maintain the key functions of your car and the quick service information to address the immediate issues.

Unlike other car repair websites out there, we will help you develop a thorough understanding of your car’s internal functions. Helping you is our Top Priority.

About Ipan Faelani

Ipan Faelani is a technician who has honed his skills with the 10 years of service in Toyota. In his decade long experience, Ipan has encountered every manner of problems with the cars starting from engine to the wheels and axle shafts. By treating the car problem for a major part of his life, Ipan is a veteran car technician with a solid grip over the technicalities like the Electronics and Mechanics of cars of every manner. He also has a private workshop where he has treated the car of other companies as well as that of Toyota.