Bank 1 vs Bank 2 (How to Locate O2 Sensors)

bank 1 vs bank 2 O2 sensor

During the 1970s, domestic automotive manufacturers began equipping their vehicles with a range of new and innovative components, intended to reduce exhaust emissions. This came in response to new governmental oversight of the era, which included the implementation of numerous environmentally conscious mandates. As such technology progressed, a number of sensors were designed to provide … Read more

4 Symptoms of a Bad Secondary Injection Pump (and Replacement Cost)

bad secondary air injection pump

Today’s vehicles come loaded with a significant amount of sophisticated components, many of which are engineered to reduce a vehicle’s carbon footprint. This, of course, was necessitated by the implementation of new, highly-stringent emissions standards during the 1970s and 80s. Automakers were forced to achieve compliance, at the threat of heavy fines. One such emissions-related … Read more

Oil Coming Out of Your Exhaust? (Here’s What it Means)

oil coming out of exhaust

If you spend enough time around vehicles, you are sure to witness the occasional odd occurrence, which catches your attention almost immediately. Unfortunately, many of these strange occurrences signify the onset of mechanical issues, which often vary in extent and severity. One such strange occurrence is the sudden appearance of oil leaking or dripping from … Read more

Why Does a Car Backfire? (4 Common Causes)

If you’ve heard anything that sounds like a gunshot when on a walk along a busy street, and it wasn’t from a firearm, then you’ve probably heard a car backfiring. It might just be one solitary *pop*, a series of pops followed by a crackle, or a long string of loud, rapid pops if you’re … Read more

Muffler Delete Pros and Cons (and Average Cost)

muffler delete

Muffler deletes have become a popular way to give your vehicle a more aggressive sound. But while it’s one of the most popular ways, it’s not the only way to make your exhaust louder. So, if you find after reading this guide it’s not the road you want to go down, you’re not entirely out … Read more

4 Causes of Blue Smoke From Exhaust (and How to Fix)

blue smoke at startup

Maybe you’ve seen it: accelerating from a stoplight, a car ahead is spewing a bunch of blue-colored smoke from the tailpipe. It’s not extreme, like a smoke bomb, but it also isn’t normal like everyone else’s exhaust smoke. Or maybe you experience blue smoke coming from your engine bay upon startup every morning, no matter … Read more