Mercedes A5 Service (What’s Included and Average Cost)

Your Mercedes purrs with precision, but seeing “A5 Service Due” flash on the dash strikes fear into your wallet. What tasks comprise this maintenance milestone, and will it dwindle your savings?

This article dissects everything included in Mercedes’ A5 service, from fluid refreshes to spark plug replacement. You’ll learn average dealer costs, how much time it will take, and whether DIY is realistic.

Mercedes A5 service due

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What Is a Mercedes A5 Service?

As a Mercedes owner, staying on top of maintenance keeps your vehicle performing flawlessly for years and will allow you to get top value when it’s time to sell or trade it in.

A5 service is part of the Flexible Service System (FSS) that spaces out care based on mileage, time, and driving habits. Mercedes schedules alternate A minor and B major services about every 10k miles/12 months.

The A5 comes after previous A1-A4 and B1-B4 services as the 5th minor visit. While less exhaustive and expensive than a “B” type service, it’s just as important for your vehicle’s longevity.

Mercedes Benz service

When Should an A5 Service Be Done?

The A5 service for your Mercedes is typically due around 90,000 miles or the 9th year of ownership, whichever comes first. This service is performed about 1 year after the previous B4 maintenance visit.

Don’t worry about remembering the exact timing, as your Mercedes will display helpful reminders like “A5 Service Due,” “Service A5 in 25 Days,” “Service A5 Exceeded by 30 Days”, or just “Service A” when it’s time to bring your vehicle in. This notification will let you know that A5 service is upcoming (or should have already been done).

What Does an A5 Service Include?

The Mercedes A5 service consists of standard “A” service items plus three additional A5 specific tasks. Here are the services performed and their importance:

Replace Air Filter (A5 Specific)

Mercedes air filter

One of the key parts of an A5 service is replacing the air filter. Installing a new, clean air filter dramatically improves engine airflow and performance, which can increase fuel economy – very helpful with today’s gas prices.

A clogged, dirty air filter restricts airflow to the engine, reducing power and efficiency. Something as basic as changing the filter keeps your Mercedes engine running at peak performance. Neglecting this simple maintenance item can lead to bigger issues down the road.

Replace Spark Plugs (A5 Specific)

Mercedes spark plugs

Spark plugs are vital for igniting the compressed air-fuel mixture to power the engine. Replacing worn spark plugs with new OEM plugs during the A5 service helps avoid misfires, rough idle, loss of power, and reduced fuel economy.

Fresh, properly gapped spark plugs ensure smooth, efficient combustion. This relatively simple maintenance keeps your Mercedes running smoothly between service visits.

Replace Brake Fluid (A5 Specific)

brake fluid leak symptoms

Replacing the brake fluid is an important maintenance task during the A5 service. Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture and contaminants that degrade braking performance.

Old fluid can cause unpredictable pedal feel, poor stopping ability, and even brake failure in extreme cases. Using fresh Mercedes preferred brake fluid helps maintain responsive brakes and safe stopping power.

Replace Synthetic Motor Oil (Standard A-Service)

oil change Mercedes

As with any routine maintenance visit, A5 service includes replacing the engine oil. The tech will completely drain the old, dirty oil and refill with fresh, Mercedes-recommended full synthetic oil which resists breakdown better than conventional oils.

This high quality oil allows extended 10,000 mile oil change intervals without compromising lubrication.

Replace Oil Filter (Standard A-Service)

Mercedes oil filter change

It should go without saying but A5 service also includes replacing the oil filter along with the engine oil. The filter is responsible for trapping contaminants and particles so they don’t keep circulating in the oil where they will eventually cause unnecessary wear and damage to critical engine components.

A new oil filter allows optimal flow of oil and helps keep the clean oil, contaminant-free longer between changes.

Check Fluid Levels (Standard A-Service)

old power steering fluid

Mercedes’ A5 service includes carefully checking and topping off essential fluids for the transmission, cooling system, power steering system, and others. Having proper fluid levels is something that’s easily overlooked by the average car owner.

The Mercedes service technicians will expertly examine each system’s fluid level (and condition) and add more as required to bring it up to the recommended level. If a fluid doesn’t appear right (ie: burnt transmission fluid), the tech will make note of it so it can be addressed during the same service visit (with the customer’s approval).

Check Tire Pressure (Standard A-Service)

checking tire pressure

Checking and adjusting tire pressures is another part of the A5 service maintenance. Properly inflated tires last longer, enhance fuel efficiency, and provide a more comfortable and safe ride.

Not only do under or over-inflated tires affect fuel economy and compromise traction, they also wear at a much faster rate which requires early replacement. If you’ve looked at the price of tires sized for Mercedes vehicles, they’re not cheap!

While tire pressure monitoring systems help alert of an immediate issue, the manual inspection during the A5 service as well as in between services will help ensure optimal inflation for maximum performance, safety and mileage.

Check Brake Components (Standard A-Service)

brake maintenance

During a Mercedes A5 service, technicians thoroughly inspect the brake components. The brake pads are checked for wear, damage, and thickness using a gauge.

The brake rotors are inspected for uneven wear, warping, and proper thickness. Brake calipers are opened to check the pistons for leaks, cracks, and damage.

Brake lines, hoses and fittings are visually inspected for any leaks, cracks or damage.

Any issues found during the comprehensive inspection can be addressed to ensure safe, reliable brake operation.

Mercedes A5 Service Checklist (At-a-Glance)

ServiceStandard A ServiceA5-Specific Service
Air Filter ReplacementX
Spark Plug ReplacementX
Brake Fluid ReplacementX
Synthetic Oil ChangeX
Oil Filter ReplacementX
Check FluidsX
Check Tire PressureX
Check Brake ComponentsX
Maintenance Service Counter ResetX

Mercedes A5 Service Cost

Expect to pay $400 to $800 for A5 service at the Mercedes dealership. Factory technicians and parts come at a premium.

For more affordable options, research independent shops with strong Mercedes or German vehicle expertise. Check reviews and recommendations. Just confirm with Mercedes that a third-party service won’t void any factory or aftermarket warranty.

While dealership maintenance is generally pricier, the focus should be on technician competency and adherence to Mercedes standards. Your vehicle represents a major investment – expert care using approved methods is worth the peace of mind.

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Why Is an A5 Service So Expensive?

Mercedes Benz GLC

The higher cost of Mercedes A5 service when compared to comparable service of lesser car brands reflects the sophisticated engineering and luxury experience of Mercedes-Benz. The automaker utilizes premium grade parts and fluids engineered specifically for performance and longevity.

Their extensively trained technicians command higher labor rates given the complexity of these vehicles and the ongoing education they are required to take.

As a luxury make, Mercedes can demand higher pricing, which owners accept as fitting the marque’s exceptional reputation. While not inexpensive, A5 service aims to meticulously care for your car or SUV to ensure world-class driving enjoyment for years to come.

How Long Does an A5 Service Take?

A5 service itself typically takes 1-2 labor hours, but total time varies based on the shop, season, and extra repairs needed. Dealers may be quicker to get all the service items completed but they also have higher rates.

Independent shops will likely take longer unless they are well-versed in your particular model. Wait times are longer during spring and fall, around lunchtime, and toward the end of the day as jobs stack up. The number of technicians available at any given time also impacts turnaround time.

While the A5 may only require 1-2 hours, real world delays, seasonal demands, and additional maintenance can easily extend the total visit to 4+ hours so get an honest time estimate and plan accordingly.

Can I Do an A5 Service Myself?

floor jack use

While it’s definitely possible, DIY servicing is generally not advisable for most Mercedes owners without proper tools and experience. The complexity involved makes certified Mercedes technicians the prudent, albeit costlier choice.

Improper service risks safety issues, mechanical problems, and even voided warranties on these sophisticated vehicles. The A5 maintenance requires specialized expertise and equipment to meet factory specifications.

However, knowledgeable home mechanics who are confident in their abilities and accept the risks, could potentially save money by DIYing. But it demands a certain level of skill and preparation on such an advanced vehicle.

How to Reset an A5 Service Notification On a Mercedes

You do not need to schedule an appointment with the dealer in order to reset the service notification displayed on your vehicle’s dashboard. Here are the steps:

  1. Insert key into ignition, turn to first position to illuminate dash lights without starting engine.
  2. Use steering wheel buttons to scroll through display to mileage screen.
  3. Turn key off and remove from ignition.
  4. Reinsert key, turn to first position again.
  5. With key in first position, press and hold “OK” and “Call” buttons together for 3-4 seconds.
  6. Scroll through display to “Vehicle Data” and select “OK”.
  7. Scroll to “Assist Plus” then “Full Service” and select “OK” each time.
  8. Scroll to “Confirm Service”, select “OK”, then scroll to “Yes” to confirm reset.
  9. Display will confirm reset completed.
  10. Turn key off and restart engine to verify service notification cleared.
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