Mercedes A6 Service (What’s Included and Average Cost)

You love the performance and luxury your Mercedes exudes every time you drive it, but seeing an “A6 Service Due” message pop up may cause some anxiety.

What tasks make up this maintenance visit? Will parts need replacing and how much will it set you back?

This article details the major tasks included in a Mercedes A6 service and how much time it’s going to take for the dealership or independent repair shop to get through the A6 service checklist.

Mercedes A6 service due

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What Is a Mercedes A6 Service?

The Mercedes A6 service is a maintenance routine to keep your car in top shape, occurring about 10k miles (or 12 months) after a B5 service visit. It’s part of the Flexible Service System that spaces out care based on your particular driving habits.

As the 6th “minor” service, A6 is less involved than any “major” B service, but is one of the more complex “A” services as far as what’s done.

Mercedes Benz service

When Should an A6 Service Be Done?

Mercedes vehicles typically undergo an A6 service around the 110,000 mile mark, which is usually in the 11th year of ownership. This “minor” service comes approximately 1 year after the previous B5 maintenance visit.

If you’re worried about forgetting when it’s time for this service, don’t. Your Mercedes will display helpful reminders like “A6 Service Due,” “Service A6 in 20 Days,” or “Service Code: A6” when it’s time to get your car scheduled. If that appointment date happens to be a few days before or after the recommended service date, it’s all good.

What Does an A6 Service Include?

Mercedes A6 service involves extensive inspection, replacement, and service of various components to keep your vehicle running as best as it can.

This comprehensive appointment consists of several important tasks performed by factory-trained technicians following strict Mercedes-Benz service guidelines when done at a dealership service center.

In addition to the service items below, all Mercedes services include some form of multi point inspection which include things like checking all exterior lighting, windshield wiper blades, tire tread depth, battery voltage, door hinges, and various other small tasks.

Replace Air Filter (A6 Specific)

Mercedes air filter

One simple but key part of an A6 service is replacing the air filter. A clogged filter restricts airflow to the engine, reducing power and efficiency.

Installing a new, clean filter improves airflow and engine performance as well as help make sure you’re getting the most miles per gallon of gas.

Replace Spark Plugs (A6 Specific)

Mercedes spark plugs

Spark plugs are critical for igniting the air-fuel mixture to power the engine but they don’t last forever. The A6 service includes replacing the spark plugs with a new set of properly gapped OEM plugs which will prevent misfires, rough idle, loss of power, and reduced fuel economy.

Combined with some of the other engine-specific component replacements done during an A6 service, your vehicle will FEEL peppier, smoother, and more fun to drive.

Replace Brake Fluid (A6 Specific)

brake fluid leak symptoms

Replacing the brake fluid is an underrated maintenance task during the A6 service. Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture and contaminants that degrade braking performance.

You may not realize it, but stopping power and brake pedal feel slowly gets worse over time. Fresh, clean brake fluid helps change that and many drivers notice a difference immediately after having this service done.

Clean and Degrease Sunroof Guide Rails (A6 Specific)

sunroof rails

For models that have a sunroof, A6 service also includes cleaning the sunroof guide rails to prevent sluggish or noisy operation.

Over time, the rails accumulate dirt, debris, and grease that make the sunroof slower to open/close and make some strange sounds. A good cleaning helps maintain proper sunroof operation and prevent potential component damage.

Replace Synthetic Motor Oil (Standard A-Service)

oil change Mercedes

The A6 service includes changing out the engine oil, as is done with any routine maintenance. Mercedes uses full synthetic oil that meets factory specifications that better withstands breakdown than conventional oils.

This allows extended 10,000 mile oil change intervals so you’re not having to making time out of your busy schedule for oil changes as often.

Replace Oil Filter (Standard A-Service)

Mercedes oil filter change

Along with an oil change, the oil filter is replaced with a fresh, high quality filter. An OEM Mercedes-Benz oil filter that’s typically manufactured by Mann (top-quality brand) will be used instead of cheaper, lower quality brands that quick lube oil change places and some repair shops use.

Your Mercedes deserves the best and this is just one example.

Check Fluid Levels (Standard A-Service)

old power steering fluid

During the A6 service, technicians will check essential fluid levels like coolant, transmission, power steering, brake, and windshield washer, adding more as needed.

Proper fluid levels are important for protecting components and performance. The service team will expertly inspect and fill the fluids so you don’t have to worry about them and making sure you use the correct type.

Check Tire Pressure (Standard A-Service)

checking tire pressure

Checking and adjusting tire pressures (including the spare, if you have one) is one of the last parts of A6 service. Properly inflated tires last longer, provide better handling, and allow you to have the least amount of resistance against the road surfaces to save you money on fuel.

With tire pressures a their ideal PSI, you’ll get more life out of your tires so you don’t have to replace them as often as a full new set of tires is often well over $1,000.

Check Brake Components (Standard A-Service)

brake maintenance

The brake system is put under close scrutiny during a Mercedes A6 service appointment. Technicians will thoroughly examine the key brake components to verify their condition and performance.

Brake pads are carefully gauged to measure thickness and check for uneven wear, tears or cracks in the pad material. Replacement will be recommended if pads are below minimum requirements.

Brake rotors are then checked for warping, grooves and inconsistent wear patterns. Proper rotor thickness is also verified.

Brake calipers are opened up so pistons can be inspected for any leaks, cracks or damage and the slider pins are also checked for proper lubrication and movement.

Additionally, brake lines, hoses and fittings undergo visual inspection for any evidence of chafing, leaks or damage. Catching small leaks early prevents big problems down the road.

Any issues discovered during the comprehensive brake inspection can be promptly addressed to maintain safe, reliable braking function.

Mercedes A6 Service Checklist (At-a-Glance)

ServiceStandard A ServiceA6-Specific Service
Air Filter ReplacementX
Spark Plug ReplacementX
Brake Fluid ReplacementX
Clean/Regrease Sunroof Guide RailsX
Synthetic Oil ChangeX
Oil Filter ReplacementX
Check FluidsX
Check Tire PressureX
Check Brake ComponentsX
Maintenance Service Counter ResetX

Mercedes A6 Service Cost

Expect to pay somewhere in the vicinity o $400-$800 for A6 service at the dealership. Factory technicians and parts come at a premium but are typically well worth it for higher end vehicles.

Independent shops can provide savings with lower labor rates, if you find one experienced with Mercedes maintenance. The hard part is finding a good shop, with quality techs, that uses OEM parts.

Research thoroughly and get personal recommendations from others if possible. Confirm any aftermarket warranties won’t be affected if you go the third-party route. 

While dealership maintenance is generally pricier, you usually know what you’ll get with their adherence to Mercedes standards. But properly caring for your vehicle is worth the investment, so take it to the dealer or find a reputable shop to stay on top of your Mercedes’ service needs.

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Why Is an A6 Service So Expensive?

Mercedes Benz GLC

There are a few reasons why the cost of Mercedes service is what it is. Mercedes utilizes premium-grade parts, fluids, and filters engineered specifically to stringent specifications for optimal performance and longevity. These high-quality supplies come at a premium price.

Extensive and ongoing training and certification is required for Mercedes technicians to properly service the complex, technology-integrated vehicles. Their specialized expertise commands higher labor rates.

In addition, Mercedes dealerships invest heavily in specialized diagnostic scanners and tools mandated by Mercedes to accurately assess and maintain these meticulously engineered vehicles. These tools are not cheap.

Finally, as an prestige luxury brand, Mercedes can demand premium pricing for maintenance in line with other higher end brands. But with that, Mercedes owners expect an elevated service experience befitting the marque’s reputation.

How Long Does an A6 Service Take?

A basic A6 service itself typically takes 1-2 hours at dealerships and independent shops. However, total service time can vary significantly depending on several factors:

  • Location – Larger, well-staffed shops often work more efficiently than smaller, understaffed facilities. They may even have dedicated techs you do nothing but routine services including A6.
  • Season – Spring months are incredibly busy for auto service and repair as are the couple months before winter weather hits. This will often affect the amount of time your vehicle will be in the shop.
  • Additional repairs – Any extra work needed beyond the standard A6 service adds more time. The more miles on the vehicle, the higher the chance of the tech finding additional issues on your car. Since you’re coming in for A6 service, you almost certainly have over 100k miles on your car.

While the A6 may only require 1-2 hands-on hours, real world delays, seasonal demands, and uncovered maintenance issues can easily extend the total visit to 3, 4, or even 5+ hours in some cases. If you’re pressed for time, be sure to check with the shop beforehand on current turnaround time.

Can I Do an A6 Service Myself?

floor jack use

Although some skilled DIYers may be tempted to service their own Mercedes, the intricate nature of the A6 maintenance generally makes a dealership or independent repair shop the wise, albeit costlier, choice for most owners.

The complexity involved requires a certain level of technical proficiency, specialized Mercedes tools and diagnostics to properly meet factory service specifications. Incorrect do-it-yourself servicing risks safety issues, mechanical problems, even voiding warranties on these sophisticated vehicles.

However, knowledgeable home mechanics who understand service procedures and accept the risks may potentially save money by servicing their Mercedes themselves. But don’t expect to save as much money as you think since you’ll still need to buy parts, fluids, and possibly tools.

However, the more opportunities you have to work on your vehicle, the more money you will save on each occurrence as you build up your tool collection, find better deals on parts, and get more use out of large containers of car fluids.

How to Reset an A6 Service Notification On a Mercedes

If you need to reset and clear the service reminder message for whatever reason, here’s how. The actually procedure may vary slightly depending on year and model.

  1. Start by inserting the key and turning it to the first position without cranking the engine. This will light up the dash.
  2. Use the steering wheel buttons to scroll through the display screens until you see the mileage.
  3. Now turn the key off and remove it. Reinsert it again and turn back to the first position.
  4. With the key in the first position, press and hold the “OK” and “Call” buttons together for a few seconds.
  5. You’ll see the display change – scroll through and select “OK” when you see the “Vehicle Data” menu.
  6. Keep scrolling until you get to the “Full Service” and “Confirm Service” menus. Select “OK” on each one.
  7. Choose “Yes” to confirm the reset when it asks.
  8. The display will confirm service reset completed.
  9. Finally, turn the key off and restart the engine to verify the reminder light has been cleared.

Pretty straightforward! Just take it step-by-step to successfully reset the service notification light yourself. Here’s a video if you’re more of a visual person.

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