Mercedes B6 Service (What’s Included and Average Cost)

You love the feeling of driving your Mercedes, the power and elegance it exudes. But when that “B6 Service” notification appears on your dashboard, it’s easy to feel a bit worried.

What does it mean? What kind of service does your car need? And how much is it going to cost?

From changing the oil to replacing spark plugs, we’ll break down the specific service items included and where you should go to have it done to save some money.

Mercedes B6 service

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What Is a Mercedes B6 Service?

The Mercedes B6 service is a detailed maintenance routine created to keep your car in prime condition and occurs about 10k miles following an A6 service. It is a part of Mercedes-Benz’s Flexible Service System (FSS), which divides maintenance into regular intervals based on mileage, time, and usage.

While the specific tasks included in a B6 service may vary depending if your model is gasoline vs diesel powered, it includes all the standard tasks that come with any “B” service along with four additional B6-specific tasks. This makes a B6 service the most involved out of all Mercedes’ scheduled services.

When Should a B6 Service Be Done?

Mercedes vehicles typically receive a B6 service around the 120k mile mark, which is generally in the sixth year of ownership. If the previous A6 service was completed on schedule, you’ll be needing to schedule service approximately one year after that.

If you’re unsure about when your car needs maintenance, don’t worry. Your car will let you know. Expect to see a message like “B6 Service Due”, “Service B6 in 30 Days”, “Service B6 Overdue by 30 Days”, or “Service Code: B6” when it’s time.

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What Does a B6 Service Include?

The B6 service is one of the essential “major” services in your Mercedes-Benz’s maintenance schedule. It includes standard service items that are part of any “B” service, as well as a few B5-specific tasks. These include:

Replace Air Filter (B6 Specific)

dirty air filter

During a B6 service, your car’s air filter is replaced, and it’s one of the most crucial steps for the health of your car’s engine. By changing out a dirty air filter for a clean one, you can significantly improve airflow and engine performance, resulting in fewer trips to the gas station.

A dirty air filter will decrease the engine’s efficiency and power, which can lead to a decrease in your car’s performance and possibly expensive repairs.

Replace Spark Plugs (B6 Specific)

best spark plugs

Did you know that spark plugs are the unsung heroes of your car’s engine? They play an important role in igniting the fuel-air mixture that powers your vehicle.

By installing a new set of spark plugs during the B6 service, you can prevent rough idling, misfires, and loss of power, resulting in a smoother ride and better fuel economy.

Replace Brake Fluid (B6 Specific)

brake fluid level sensor

A vital part of B6 service that shouldn’t be overlooked is the replacement of brake fluid. This simple step can make all the difference in maintaining responsive brakes and ensuring your safety on the road.

Clean and Degrease Sunroof Guide Rails (B6 Specific)

sunroof rails

Don’t let a dirty sunroof ruin your driving experience. Proper maintenance is key to keeping your sunroof operating smoothly and quietly.

That’s why as part of a B6 service, a technician will clean and degrease the guide rails as a necessary step to prevent sluggishness and noise when opening and closing.

Replace Synthetic Motor Oil (Standard B-Service)

oil change interval

A B6 service involves changing out the engine oil (as is standard practice with any routine maintenance). Mercedes-Benz vehicles utilize full synthetic oil, which breaks down at a slower pace than conventional oil, allowing for 10,000 mile oil change intervals.

Over time, motor oil loses its lubricating effectiveness on moving components, leading to increased friction and possible harm. Fresh synthetic oil assists in maintaining ideal lubricating conditions for your engine’s operation.

Replace Oil Filter (Standard B-Service)

oil filter change in Mercedes

In a B6 service, the technician will replace not only the engine oil, but the oil filter as well. This filter snares any contaminants in the oil before they can get into the engine.

Putting on a new filter lets your fresh, clean oil stay free of debris for maximum time.

Replace Cabin Air Filter (Standard B-Service)

dirty cabin air filter

Your car’s cabin air filter removes dust, pollen, and other pollutants from the air entering the interior. With time, it gets clogged, allowing more contaminants inside and reducing HVAC functionality.

The B6 service swaps this filter out so you and your passengers keep breathing clean, filtered air.

Check Fluid Levels (Standard B-Service)

low power steering fluid

The technicians performing your B6 service will check all fluid levels, topping them off as necessary. Fluids checked include transmission, coolant, power steering, brake, and windshield washer.

Maintaining proper fill levels helps ensure peak performance and longevity of your Mercedes. You can count on the service team to correctly inspect and fill the fluids.

Check Tire Pressure (Standard B-Service)

checking tire pressure

A B6 service is an excellent opportunity to ensure that your car’s tires are properly inflated. This simple but important maintenance task can help you save money on fuel and extend the lifespan of your tires.

By neglecting tire pressure, you risk uneven tire wear and reduced handling capabilities.

Check Brake Components (Standard B-Service)

brake caliper replacement cost

The B6 service includes a thorough assessment of your brake components to check their condition. The technician will examine the brake pads, rotors, calipers, and overall braking system for signs of wear or issues. This helps ensure your Mercedes’ brakes continue functioning properly.

Mercedes B6 Service Checklist (At-a-Glance)

ServiceStandard B ServiceB6-Specific Service
Air Filter ReplacementX
Spark Plug ReplacementX
Brake Fluid ReplacementX
Clean/Regrease Sunroof Guide RailsX
Synthetic Oil ChangeX
Oil Filter ReplacementX
Cabin Air Filter ReplacementX
Check FluidsX
Check Tire PressureX
Check Brake ComponentsX
Maintenance Service Counter ResetX

Mercedes B6 Service Cost

Mercedes Benz service

I get you’re keen to know – how much does a B6 service set you back on a Mercedes? Well… it depends. The dealer route offers Mercedes-certified technicians and OEM parts, but expect to pay anywhere from $800 to $1,600, which is mainly dependent on your location and specific model.

An independent shop can provide savings, if you find one well-versed in Euro cars. Do research to confirm they’ll do quality work. It’s always best to get a recommendation from someone you know or a local chapter of a Mercedes owners club.

The warranty’s a factor too as there’s a small possibility an independent mechanic may void parts of the coverage. Give those terms a close read first.

At the end of the day, there’s no cheap way around maintenance. But regular service means your Mercedes will run like new for years. Whether you choose the dealer or a qualified indie shop, find someone you trust. That peace of mind is priceless when it comes to your investment.

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Why Is a B6 Service So Expensive?

Mercedes Benz GLC

Wondering why it costs so much to complete a B6 service on your Mercedes? There are actually a few reasons why.

  • Mercedes utilizes premium-grade supplies – parts, fluids, filters – engineered to rigorous specifications for optimal performance. The high-quality materials come at a cost.
  • Extensive training and certification is required for Mercedes technicians to properly service complex, technology-dense vehicles. Their specialized expertise commands higher labor rates.
  • The large number of parts – air filter, A/C filter, brake fluid, spark plugs – replaced during comprehensive B6 service contributes to the higher cost.
  • Mercedes dealers invest heavily in mandated diagnostic scanners and shop tools to accurately assess and maintain these meticulously engineered vehicles.
  • As a prestige luxury make, Mercedes can demand a premium price for maintenance, alongside their high-end vehicles. Owners expect an exceptional level of service that comes with owning such a brand.

How Long Does a B6 Service Take?

At most dealerships and independent shops, a basic B6 service takes approximately 2-4 labor hours.

The time required for a more extensive Mercedes B6 service can vary widely depending on the shop, season, and any repairs needed beyond the standard checklist tasks. Busier seasons like spring and fall may extend the service time due to high shop workload and backlogged appointments.

Larger, well-staffed facilities are typically more efficient and can complete B6 services faster. An understaffed or overbooked shop may result in delays even for routine maintenance visits like this one.

While the B6 tasks alone shouldn’t exceed 4 hours, real world factors like shop delays, peak seasonal workload, and any additional repairs can easily push the total service duration to 5 hours or longer.

Can I Do a B6 Service Myself?

floor jack use

Though some parts of a Mercedes B6 service can theoretically be tackled by seasoned DIY mechanics, most owners are best off leaving it to factory-trained technicians despite the higher cost.

The intricate process demands advanced technical skill, specialized tools, and Mercedes-specific diagnostic software to accurately follow service protocols. Without proper equipment and expertise, mistakes could compromise safety, cause mechanical issues down the road, or jeopardize warranty coverage if done incorrectly.

While the expense of dealership maintenance is justified to minimize owner risks, those with extensive experience could potentially save money by servicing a Mercedes themselves if fully equipped for the complex process.

How to Reset a B6 Service Notification On a Mercedes

No need to schedule a service appointment just to reset the pesky B6 service reminder message in your Mercedes. You can handle this simple reset yourself in the comfort of your own garage. Here’s how to make any A or B service message disappear on most Mercedes models:

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