Mercedes B8 Service (What’s Included and Average Cost)

That mysterious “Service B8” message just popped up on your Mercedes dashboard and now you’re worried about what it might cost. I know how confusing and concerning those vague service reminders can be. But don’t stress, I’ve got you covered.

In this article, I’ll walk you through exactly what’s included in the B8 service, why it’s important, and give you an idea of what to expect cost-wise.

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What Is a Mercedes B8 Service?

Mercedes Benz service

A B8 service is a comprehensive maintenance service that is recommended for Mercedes-Benz vehicles to keep them running smoothly and reliably. The B8 service is a part of the Flexible Service System (FSS) maintenance program, which helps to make sure that your vehicle is always in top condition.

All of the tasks normally performed during a standard are included, but three additional services are added, mainly involving the transmission.

It’s important to have the B8 service completed so you will stay current on the maintenance schedule. This alone helps to prevent costly repairs down the road and a more enjoyable ride now.

When Should a B8 Service Be Done?

A B8 service is typically performed on Mercedes-Benz vehicles around the 160,000 mile mark or about 1 year after the previous service (A8) if you’ve diligently followed the maintenance schedule. If you’ve made it that far, congratulations. You have obviously been taking good care of your vehicle.

Unless you’ve recently bought your car, you probably know by now that your car will let you know when it’s time to get scheduled for B8 service. If you’re new to the Benz family, you won’t have to worry about setting reminders on your calendar since your vehicle will already remind you.

What Does a B8 Service Include?

The B8 service is another crucial maintenance checklist for Mercedes-Benz owners. It’s one of the “major” services in the overall maintenance schedule and includes the usual “B” service items as well as B8-specific tasks.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Replacement (B8 Specific)

Replacing the automatic transmission fluid during a B8 service in your Mercedes-Benz is more important that it seems to make sure the transmission operates smoothly and efficiently.

Over time, the transmission fluid can become contaminated with dirt and debris, leading to decreased performance and potential damage to the transmission system. By changing out the fluid, any buildup and contaminants hindering the transmission’s performance are removed.

Automatic Transmission Filter Replacement (B8 Specific)

clogged transmission filter

When your Mercedes goes through a B8 service, the old transmission filter is removed and replaced with a new one to go with your new transmission fluid.

Like other types of filters, a transmission filter traps dirt and other contaminants to prevent them from getting into places they shouldn’t. Over time, the filter clogs up and restricts the flow of transmission fluid. Not only can this cause your transmission to overheat, you run the risk of an eventual blown transmission.

Clean and Degrease Sunroof Guide Rails (B8 Specific)

sunroof rails

An often overlooked task that’s addressed in a B8 service is the cleaning and degreasing of the sunroof’s guide rails.

With time, crud and gunk can cake up on those runners, bogging down your mobile skylight’s roll. But have no fear, a Mercedes technician will clear those tracks and get your roof opening smoothly once more. Not only does this keep those rails primed and grime-free, it helps prevent pricey repairs down the road.

Replace Synthetic Motor Oil (Standard B-Service)

oil change interval

When a B8 service is performed on your Mercedes, the engine oil is swapped out, as is typical with any routine maintenance visit.

Mercedes-Benz exclusively uses full synthetic oil because it breaks down at a slower pace than conventional oil, allowing for 10k mile oil change intervals.

Over time, motor oil loses its ability to properly lubricate moving components, leading to increased friction and possible harm. Fresh synthetic oil assists in maintaining ideal lubricating conditions for your engine’s operation.

Replace Oil Filter (Standard B-Service)

oil filter change in Mercedes

In addition to the engine oil replacement, a B8 service includes swapping out the oil filter. This filter captures any particles or contaminants, preventing them from circulating within the lubrication system.

A new filter lets clean oil flow freely without picking up any harmful debris.

Replace Cabin Air Filter (Standard B-Service)

dirty cabin air filter

Your car’s A/C filter traps particulates like dust and pollen before they can circulate into the cabin. As it gets congested with use, in-cabin air quality and HVAC operation suffer.

That’s why the B8 service (or any “B” service for that matter) includes replacing this filter – for clean, filtered air inside.

Check Fluid Levels (Standard B-Service)

low power steering fluid

As part of the B8 service, the fluid levels in your Mercedes will be inspected and refilled as needed. The important fluids checked are transmission, coolant, power steering, brake, and windshield washer.

Proper fill levels help maximize your vehicle’s performance and extend its life. You can have confidence the technicians will properly check and replenish the fluids.

Check Tire Pressure (Standard B-Service)

checking tire pressure

Don’t overlook the importance of tire pressure when it comes to car maintenance. A B8 service includes a tire pressure check to make sure that your tires, including the spare, are properly inflated.

This simple step can help you save money on fuel and prevent issues like uneven tire wear and reduced handling capabilities.

Check Brake Components (Standard B-Service)

brake caliper replacement cost

During the B8 service, your brake components go through careful examination. The technician checks the pads, rotors, and calipers for wear.

They also verify proper operation of the complete braking system. This inspection ensures your Mercedes’ brakes remain in good working order.

Mercedes B8 Service Checklist (At-a-Glance)

ServiceStandard B-ServiceB8-Specific Service
Automatic Transmission Fluid ReplacementX
Transmission Filter ReplacementX
Clean/Regrease Sunroof Guide RailsX
Synthetic Oil ChangeX
Oil Filter ReplacementX
Cabin Air Filter ReplacementX
Check FluidsX
Check Tire PressureX
Check Brake ComponentsX
Maintenance Service Counter ResetX

Mercedes B8 Service Cost

Curious what a B8 service runs for your Mercedes, eh? The official dealer options will normally run you anywhere from $700 to $1,400. It may sound like a lot, but you’re paying for expert techs and factory parts.

If that’s out of your budget, quality independent shops can provide savings, if you do your homework and actually have a good one in your area. Check that they specialize in European cars and have glowing reviews.

Be aware though – skipping the dealer could nullify some warranty coverage, so read those terms carefully. Cost varies, but maintenance matters. Regular service helps your Benz go the long haul.

Whether you choose the peace of mind of the dealer or the value of an indie, find someone you trust. Then you can rest assured your Benz is being cared for properly.

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Why Is a B8 Service So Expensive?

Mercedes Benz GLC

If you’re wondering a B8 service on your Mercedes-Benz is so expensive, you’re not the first. But there are a few reasons why:

  • Mercedes positions itself as a prestige luxury brand. This allows it to charge premium pricing for new vehicles and scheduled maintenance based on its esteemed reputation.
  • The comprehensive B8 service covers numerous maintenance items. Some, including transmission fluid replacement are very labor intensive or include a lot of parts.
  • Mercedes dealerships are required to invest in expensive diagnostic tools and shop equipment to properly identify and fix issues. These costs get passed on to consumers.
  • Mercedes technicians complete extensive training and certification programs. Their specialized expertise results in higher hourly labor rates than independent repair shops.
  • Mercedes utilizes high-quality supplies like genuine parts and Germany-made fluids to optimize precision vehicle performance. These premium-grade materials come at a higher cost than aftermarket alternatives.

Can I Do a B8 Service Myself?

floor jack use

Though some adept home mechanics may feel capable of performing aspects of Mercedes B8 service independently, it remains an inadvisable endeavor for most owners, especially those with an AMG model.

The intricate maintenance process requires a certain level of expertise, specialized tools, and diagnostic software to accurately implement factory procedures.

Without proper training and equipment, critical oversights can lead to dangerous mechanical failures, costlier repairs down the road, or voided warranties if done improperly.

Given the complexity involved, paying authorized Mercedes technicians is the safest choice for owners despite the steeper cost. However, those with extensive experience servicing Mercedes specifically could potentially save money DIYing if fully prepared to uphold factory standards.

How to Reset a B8 Service Notification On a Mercedes

Skip the dealership visit just to reset the B8 service reminder indicator in your Mercedes-Benz. You can take care of this quick reset on your own in your garage with minimal effort. Here’s how to make any A or B service message vanish on most Mercedes models:

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