8 Best GPS Trackers for Cars

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Whether you’re a parent concerned about your teenage driver, a fleet vehicle owner managing multiple cars and drivers, or someone taking an extra precaution against car theft, a good GPS tracker can help put your mind at ease.

In this article, I’ll review the top car GPS trackers on the market and how each balances features and ease of use with cost.

best hidden GPS tracker for car

Best Car GPS Tracking Devices

These days, you can find countless tracking devices for cars. Some good… others pretty much worthless. This makes finding a good vehicle tracker harder than it should be. To help you sort out the confusion, here are some of my favorite trackers that won’t cause buyer’s remorse.

#1 – Americaloc GL300W MXW Series Mini Portable GPS Tracker

car gps tracker reviewThe Americaloc GL300W is a pricey tracker when compared to others, but you won’t find one that’s better. It provides real-time tracking and allows you to view up to one year of history and the magnetic case allows you to hide it really well on your vehicle

We appreciated the detailed maps and the fact that this tracker provided location updates more frequently than other units we’ve tried, at no extra cost. Monthly service costs $30/month but if you prepay for a full year, that price drops to only $19/month.

One of the best features of the Americaloc tracker is the configurable text and email alerts. We were notified about various events such as movement, parking, speeding, device on/off, low battery, and entering or leaving pre-defined zones. While we didn’t get a chance to contact their customer support, other users have been impressed with their level of service.

While the latest version seems smaller in size and offers more features, the battery life seems a bit shorter. That said, the batter lasts just as long, if not longer, than most of the competition.

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#2 – Bouncie GPS Car Tracker

bouncie gps trackerAs one of the newer models we’ve tested, the Bouncie GPS car tracking device turned out to be quite accurate and easy to set up. We were able to view our vehicle’s location and route history with ease, and the 15-second trip auto-refresh feature kept us updated in near real-time. The $8 monthly service fee is quite reasonable, especially considering there are no activation or hidden fees.

The included roadside assistance is a nice bonus that adds extra peace of mind while driving. Even though we didn’t have to use it, the fact that it’s there at no extra cost is comforting. In terms of the mobile app, it proved very user-friendly, allowing us to monitor our vehicle’s location and receive accident notifications with minimal effort.

However, we did experience occasional false speed alerts even when our vehicle was parked. While this issue didn’t occur frequently, it could be a source of confusion or concern for some. Additionally, the GPS may not be 100% accurate at all times, as we observed minor discrepancies in location reporting.

Overall, this is a fantastic GPS tracker for vehicles. You can’t go wrong with either of the top 2 picks.

#3 – Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker Bundle

best magnetic car gps tracker

The Optimus 2.0 is a discreet and accurate tracking device that impressed us with its versatility and real-time monitoring capabilities. With its small size (3in x 1.5in x 1in), this tracker is easy to conceal, making it ideal for monitoring cars, trucks, elderly, and even children. We found the tracker’s user-friendly website with Google Maps integration to be quite valuable for monitoring our assets, receiving minute-to-minute location updates.

One of the key features that we appreciated was the battery life of this tracking device. The internal motion sensor helps maximize battery charge, resulting in up to 2 weeks of battery life depending on usage. It was also helpful to receive alerts for movement, speeding, entering or leaving predefined areas, low battery, and a central SOS button.

A $19.95 per month subscription is about average compared to others and discounts are offered when pre-purchasing multiple months.

Although the Optimus works great in most situations, it did have some limitations as it currently only works in the USA and Canada, and the GPS signal may not work in metal enclosed environments or within buildings. This led to some minor inaccuracies in the location tracking during testing, so it’s essential to be aware of your tracker placement.

#4 – Linxup OBD GPS Tracker

best car gps tracker

Having put the Linxup GPS tracker to the test, it lived up to our expectations, especially if you plan on monitoring company vehicles and fleets. Installing it was quite simple as it just needed to be plugged into the OBD-II port (same as an automotive scan tool). The device offered us long battery life and optimal accuracy, both necessary elements for reliable tracking.

We appreciated the fact that we could use this tracker in the US, Canada, and Mexico, providing a sense of reliability and continuity throughout our travels.

It’s worth pointing out that this tracking device comes with a $25 monthly fee, which can add up if you’re managing a large fleet. If you’re looking for a GPS tracker for personal use, consider one of the three options above. But for managing a fleet, it’s a great option.

#5 – Mileage Ace Wifi M2 GPS Mileage Tracker

car mileage tracker

I recently started using The Mileage Ace in my car to track daily mileage. The setup process was straightforward, and once installed, I didn’t have to worry about anything else. The tracker automatically turns on and off with our car and logs every trip we take.

The accuracy of The Mileage Ace is pretty impressive, as it promises to be over 99% accurate to your odometer. The device captures the start/end addresses for every trip, making it easy for me to categorize journeys for business and personal use.

Whenever I parked my car in range of my WiFi network, the tracker automatically uploaded the logged trips. This feature was particularly convenient, since I didn’t have to manually input any data. But WiFi is not required as data can be transmitted via a USB cable also.

There’s a 14-day free trial after which you would be charged $15.49 per month. Setup was a bit clunky and there were a couple occasions my trips were not tracked. It’s not perfect, but overall is a mostly dependable mileage tracker.

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#6 – Spytec GL300 Mini GPS Tracker

car location tracker

The Spytec GPS GL300 is a helpful tool for keeping track of vehicles, equipment, and loved ones. The 4G satellite technology enables fast and accurate tracking, and the device is easy to use.

The customizable reporting modes are a standout feature, allowing users to choose the update frequency and battery life of the tracker. The Time Machine feature is also useful for visualizing the asset’s history, including trips and stops along the way.

However, some users reported tracking issues in rural areas, which may be a consideration for those using the device in remote locations. Subscription management can also be confusing, and the battery life may require frequent recharging for some users. Despite these limitations, the Spytec GPS GL300 is an inexpensive option for those looking to keep track of their assets or loved ones.

#7 – MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracking Device

cheap gps tracker

The MOTOsafety car tracker is a fairly reliable device for monitoring a vehicle’s location and driving habits. It offers additional monitoring features like harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and speeding, making it useful for keeping teen drivers in check.

Installation and setup are straightforward, as the device runs on the car’s power, eliminating the need for batteries. The monthly fee of $25 covers the wireless data transport and is suitable for road trips or business purposes across three North American countries.

However, a drawback is that the device requires a credit card with a US ZIP code for activation, which may be complicated for non-US users. Additionally, the device is limited to 4G wireless communication so it won’t work in some areas.

#8 – BrickHouse Security GPS Tracker

vehicle tracking deviceThe Brickhouse Security tracking device is a reliable and easy-to-use device for monitoring vehicles. The installation process is simple, as the device plugs into the OBD II port under the dashboard of a car.

The real-time surveillance aspect of the tracker provides peace of mind, especially when monitoring loved ones’ driving habits. The geofencing alerts and detailed reports on speeding, harsh acceleration, turning, and more are useful features.

However like others, a subscription is required for the Brickhouse Security GPS Tracker, with the annual plan currently running right around $220.

Key Features to Consider

best hidden GPS tracking device

When looking to buy a car GPS tracker, consider some key features when comparing models. Features some may consider necessary may not prove useful to you (and vice versa).

Real-Time Tracking

Choose a GPS tracker that provides real-time tracking to ensure accurate and up-to-date location information. This feature can maximize your vehicle’s security and help you stay informed about its current whereabouts.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of the GPS tracker determines how often it updates its location information. A higher refresh rate provides more accurate and continuous tracking, while a lower refresh rate results in less frequent updates. Keep in mind that a device that refreshes more often will typically have a slightly lower batter life.

Geofence and Speed Alarm

Geofencing functionality enables you to set up virtual boundaries, such as around your home or office. When your vehicle enters or exits these predetermined areas, the tracker sends you notifications.

Speed alarms alert you if the vehicle goes beyond a set speed limit, helpful for monitoring new young drivers or ensuring your car is driven responsibly when transporting valuable items.

This can also be of help if you let others borrow your car including that mechanic that would love to take your C8 Corvette out for a “test drive”.

Power Source

Different GPS trackers are powered in various ways, from hardwired options for vehicles to battery-operated or rechargeable ones for more portability.

Additional Useful Features

Some GPS trackers offer additional useful features, such as:

  • Crash Detection –  Automatically alerts you in case your vehicle is involved in an accident.
  • Tampering Alerts – Notifies you if someone tampers with the tracker’s installation.
  • Engine Idle Monitoring –  Helps you track how long your vehicle’s engine remains idle, indicating potential fuel wastage or unnecessary wear.
  • Towing Alerts – Alerts you if your vehicle is being towed or moved without authorization.

Installation Methods

When choosing the best car GPS tracker for your needs, it’s essential to understand the various installation methods available. In this section, we will cover three primary installation methods: OBD-II Port Diagnostics, Hardwired GPS Trackers, and Battery-Powered & Portable trackers.

OBD-II Port Diagnostics

If you’re looking for an easy and straightforward way to install a GPS tracker for your car, using one that plugs into your car’s OBD port is ideal.

Find your car’s OBD port, which is usually located near the steering column or inside the glove box, and simply plug the GPS tracker into the port and you’re ready to go. After that, you’ll need to register your device and set up your tracking account, following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

One of the main advantages of using an OBD-II GPS tracker is its simple plug-and-play installation. Additionally, this method provides access to valuable vehicle health data, including fuel consumption, engine diagnostics, and odometer readings.

Hardwired GPS Trackers

For a more permanent and secure tracking solution, you may wish to consider a Hardwired GPS Tracker. Installation of these devices often requires a professional or someone with basic automotive electrical knowledge.

Hardwired trackers provide increased security as they’re more difficult to tamper with or remove.

Battery-Powered and Portable

If you prefer a more versatile tracking solution and one that can easily be hidden, a battery-powered GPS tracker is what you want. These devices are easy to install and move between vehicles as needed.

Simply choose a discreet location for the device, such as inside the glove box, under a seat, or within a storage compartment. Then follow any instructions provided by the manufacturer including the set up and configuration of your tracking account.

Do All GPS Trackers Have a Monthly Fee?

Not all GPS trackers require a monthly fee, but most do, especially those with advanced features and real-time tracking capabilities. Monthly fees usually cover the cost of the data plan for the SIM card inside the tracker, which enables it to communicate with the mobile app on your device.

Can a Car GPS Tracker Be Easily Detected?

You might be wondering if a car GPS tracker can be easily detected by thieves (or others). The good news is that people can’t easily detect hidden GPS trackers unless they are specifically taking the time to look for one. These devices are designed to be discreet and unobtrusive (especially battery-powered or hard-wired models), making them difficult to spot even for someone familiar with the technology.

Car GPS trackers can be placed in different locations within a vehicle, such as:

  • Under the dashboard
  • In the trunk
  • In the glove compartment
  • Behind the rearview mirror
  • Exterior areas

Can’t I Just Use an AirTag Instead?

Sure, you might think of using an Apple AirTag as a car GPS tracker. After all, it’s designed to help you locate misplaced or lost items. However, there are a couple main limitations when it comes to using AirTags for tracking your car.

  1. AirTags rely on Bluetooth and Apple’s Find My network. While this works great for small items like keys or wallets, it might not be ideal for a moving vehicle. You’d need a nearby iPhone to help locate the AirTag, and in less populated areas, you could struggle with getting an accurate location.
  2. AirTags’ location updates may not be frequent enough for real-time tracking. If you’re in a situation where you need to know your car’s exact location instantly (like trying to recover a stolen vehicle), the AirTag might not live up to your expectations.

That said, while an Apple AirTag can potentially help you track your car, a dedicated car GPS tracker offers much more reliable and accurate tracking, making them a better option for the majority of situations.

Should I Notify My Car Insurance Company?

While it’s not mandatory to tell your insurer, it could potentially be beneficial for you.

One advantage of notifying your insurance company is that they might offer you a usage-based insurance (UBI) program. In many cases, the insurance company would actually provide you the GPS tracking device.

These programs often involve tracking your driving behaviors, such as speed, braking, and mileage, in order to provide you with a personalized insurance rate. In many cases, UBI could save you money by rewarding good driving habits with lower premiums.

Another reason to inform your insurer is that having a GPS tracker installed in your car can potentially lower your vehicle theft claims. In case your car is stolen, a GPS tracker can help you locate it and improve the chances of recovery. For that, insurance companies may appreciate that added layer of security and offer you a discount on your insurance policy.

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  1. I need to buy trackers which will give me a tracking record and time that the car was parked. By this, I mean that the tracker can show me where it has gone and where and how long it was stopped. If the data can be downloaded as a csv file or any other type to do data processing on it, that will be exactly what I need. I need about 80 of the given product for my company to track employees.

  2. Which of these trackers would work best to use for my father who is starting to expericence some issues with dimentia? He drives fine, but we just worry he will get lost and it would give my mom peace being able to always know where he is.

  3. Which out of the 9 best device has camera attached to it?,
    Cos, I want to always watch my truck/car in a video like and not with Google icon like.

  4. I cannot imagine how in your wildest dreams the Ameriloc unit gets a #1 rating. The software looks like it came right out of Windows 95 and works even less well. The device button was defective in some way preventing it from powering off and it sends spurious notifications. Junk AND a ripoff as well.

  5. I live in AUSTRALIA.
    My phone is a Samsung galaxy.
    What would be the most reliable tracking device that I can use on a vehicle.
    A client stole over a lengthy period a considerable amount.
    He only uses cash.
    I want to track him to find out which bank he visits before I take it to Court for a freeze on his account.
    He doesn’t use computers or arms so this is hopefully a avenue to nail him.
    Awaiting your reply.
    I saw your recommendation but the Amazon site says can only be used in USA.

  6. Please may you share with me the manual as well as the prices list for all 9 types of devises and the competable platform (software)??

    Many thanks

    1. All of this information should be available online. Just do a search for the GPS tracker model followed by “owners manual”.

  7. What do you think about Teltonika’s FMB-920? In Pakistan, Alpha Track (A tracking company) is providing this device for tracking with all the services of tracking.
    Is it good? and do you know anything about it?

  8. Is there a hidden gps tracker that includes a hidden camera that uploads video to the cloud in addition to tracking features? Something the driver/employee is not gonna see or be able to disconnect?

    1. Some work only in the US, while others in most countries. You’d have to look at the product description or spec sheet of a particular model to confirm.

  9. What do you recommend if I just want to track a stolen car in the future just in case? I dont need any performance tracking. Just a hidden device that hopefully powers itself off the cars battery so I dont hsve to remember to charge it.

    1. I don’t know of any GPS trackers that connect directly to a car battery but there are a few non-real time trackers out there. Instead of pinging the tracker every few seconds, it pings maybe once a day. Here are a couple good ones for something like this:

      Trak-4 GPS
      Brickhouse Security EON 4

      1. that was very helpful. Most info is not well disguised sales pushing a device,for example the Bounce. Obvious. I don’t want a thief to be able to connect to the tracker by 3rd party application.

  10. Thank you much for cutting the work for me; I’ll definitely buy the Americaloc GL300W if I get back my stolen 2015 Toyota Rav 4. It’s been missing for three whole days and let me tell you it’s a pain in the ass, pocket and it makes your daily routine so much harder. No one has been able to help me track my stolen 2015 Toyota Rav 4. Can anyone help me???Please.

    1. So sorry this happened. Thieves are scum. Unfortunately, not much you can do besides filing a police report, checking Craigslist in your city and surrounding areas, and just keeping a lookout. Depending on where it was stolen, check with neighbors or businesses who may have cameras setup that may have caught something on video.

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