5 Best Windshield Repair Kits (for DIY and Professional Repair)

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We’ve all been there. Driving down the highway when suddenly you hear that dreaded “ping!” A rock from a passing truck or car in front of you got flung into your windshield, leaving behind an annoying chip or small crack that will only continue to spread.

Fortunately, windshield replacement isn’t necessary in many cases as windshield repair kits can be bought for a few dollars. Here are a three good DIY windshield repair kits that actually work, including a couple professional options for commercial shops or mobile windshield repair businesses.

best windshield repair kits

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Best DIY Windshield Repair Kits

#1 – Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit

Using an advanced resin formula, the Rain-X windshield repair kit can stop spreading cracks and greatly reduce the visibility of cracks, chips, and other blemishes. It’s designed for chips smaller than one inch in diameter and cracks less than a foot long on single layer windshields.

Simply apply to an uncontaminated (dry and dirt-free) blemish and the resin fills the space, removing air and strengthening the glass. Best of all, this crack repair kit works on all types of laminated windshield, removing the guesswork.

best auto glass chip repair kit

One of the best features of this particular kit is the way its resin won’t cure until exposed to UV light. This means you have plenty of time to get the resin just right before exposing it to direct sunlight or another UV source. There’s also enough for five to ten applications, making it easy to have some on-hand long after the initial job’s completed.

Be very careful about putting too much pressure on the windshield during the repair process. You need to force the resin in, but too much pressure could worsen the crack or even break through the glass completely. Take your time and apply only as much pressure as needed for the best results.

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#2 – Blue Star Windshield Repair Kit

Lauded by many to be the best windshield chip repair kit on the market, Blue Star’s professional grade resin can stop stone chips before they get worse. Easy to apply, the resin cures using UV light and prevents further damage. 

This product is excellent for the intended purpose. The downside is that it’s not designed for cracks and does a poor job with these. Overall, the kit can repair most small chips with little or no problems.

#3 – Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit

When you want a more permanent auto glass repair kit, Permatex has the answer. The UV-cured resin can make airtight repairs to bulls-eye damage without the need for mixing on most laminated windshields. The kit includes easy to follow instructions with photographs, making repair jobs a cinch.

When faced with smaller cracks or chips, this product works quite well, although users suggest giving it a longer curing time to be safe. Be warned, however, that the applicator is designed for single use only, so you will need multiple applicators if you have more than one rock chip or crack.

Best Professional Windshield Repair Kits

#1 – Delta Kits EZ-250S Windshield Repair System

best professional windshield repair kit

Containing everything you need for a high-quality repair, the Delta Kits EZ-250S is perhaps the best professional windshield repair kit for the money. It includes a stainless steel screw-type injector, rechargeable UV lamp, and enough resin for approximately 100 repairs. Also included are: 

  • acrylic inspection mirror
  • carbide burs (.039 and .047)
  • centering tool
  • chip brush
  • cleaning jar
  • curing tape and tabs
  • Dremel tool
  • glass droppers
  • hydrophobic coatings
  • industrial strength razor blades
  • nylon stick
  • pit polish
  • slide hammer
  • steel wool

Finally, the addition of a comprehensive training DVD means this can be a great kit whether you’re a seasoned pro or plan to start your own business.

This is an excellent kit and has just about everything necessary for a great job every time. You may wish to add a drying gun to the kit to make it more complete. Also, note that the plunger isn’t spring-loaded. This gives more control but can also take longer when performing larger repairs.

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#2 – Clearshield Professional Auto Glass Repair Kit

Containing enough supplies for over 200 repair jobs and a complete tool set, the Clearshield windshield repair kit allows you to do professional-grade repairs right from your garage. The cordless UV light, Dremel, and set of 20 carbide drill bits mean you won’t have to wait for a sunny day and can easily clean out damaged spots. This is the same equipment used by Clearshield technicians.

For a professional level kit, this is also perfect for beginners. The training video is easy to follow, and the results are better than many similar kits out there. Note that this kit isn’t designed for complicated repairs. Also available in larger kits covering 500+ or 1000+ repairs to keep business costs down.


How Does a Windshield Repair Kit Work?

how auto glass repair works

It’s a common misconception that windshield repair kits completely heal the damage. In reality, they don’t actually fix the glass so much as they function like stitches and a bandage. These repair kits use a specially formulated resin that bonds with your windshield’s glass to provide a strong seal against particles that can further widen cracks.

The DIY kits are very basic and are good for quick patch jobs but might not hold up to more difficult issues. Professional kits are often used in conjunction with expensive tools, and a skilled repair may include drilling holes or other complex steps.

Professional level repair tends to last longer and look better, but there will still be times when replacing the windshield becomes necessary.

It’s worth mentioning that a chip in your windshield can actually cause noise will driving since what is normally a smooth surface now has a defect. So if you’re trying to find the source of wind noise while driving and haven’t had much luck, a glass chip may actually be the culprit.

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Windshield Repair vs Replacement – Which to Choose

Deciding between repairing and replacing is a lot more involved than simply looking at a price tag. 

  • Age: The older the damage, the less repairable it becomes. This is due to the accumulation of dust and other particles which may not be cleaned out easily. When you’ve had that untreated crack for a while, it’s better to just replace the whole windshield.
  • Driver vs Passenger: Repairing damage on the driver’s side is usually a bad idea. Even repairing a minor ding can cause distortions in the glass that affect the driver’s view. Such issues are not as important on the passenger’s side, however.
  • Edge vs Center: Damage located near an edge or corner is much harder to repair than towards the middle, This is especially true of cracks that reach the edge, as these can easily worsen over time.
  • Legal Limitations: Many states have restrictions over what types of windshield damage may be repaired. These most often involve obstruction to the driver’s view but may depend upon other factors as well. When in doubt, check it out.
  • Size: Repair kits are like Band-Aids. You can use them to patch up smaller wounds, but a big gash or hole will need more serious medical attention. Remember, Band-Aids don’t fix bullet holes.

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How to Use a Windshield Repair Kit

how to use a windshield repair kit

Most windshield repair kits use the same steps, all of which are pretty easy to follow. Before beginning, ensure the windshield is cool and the damaged area is clear of moisture or debris. Alcohol wipes are an excellent tool for cleaning the damaged areas.

Be sure to wear goggles and gloves, as the resin chemicals can leave nasty burns.

  1. In a shaded area, mix the resin (if necessary).
  2. Using the applicator, carefully force the resin into the damaged area. Be careful not to use too much force or you could damage the area further.
  3. Apply the curing strip over the damage and move the vehicle so the windshield has direct sunlight.
  4. Allow to cure for a minimum of 20 minutes (depending on the kit’s instructions). You may choose to leave the resin to cure an additional five to ten percent longer.
  5. Peel off the curing strip and gently scrape away any excess resin.

Will a Windshield Repair Kit Work on a Mobile Phone Screen?

This is a popular misconception that might have proven true on older phones. Newer smart phones such as iPhones and Androids are touch sensitive, meaning any resin on the screen itself will ruin the phone.

That’s not to say you can’t use the resin on other parts of the phone where there are no controls or other sensitive parts are located. It is likely this myth is left over from the days of flip phones where the screen was not touch sensitive and therefore more forgiving towards repair attempts.

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