8 Causes of Steering Wheel Makes Noise when Turning

4. Bad Tie Rod Ends

When you turn a steering wheel, it is the tie rods which enable the wheels to move in response. If the tie rods or worn or damaged, then it will cause a knocking sound to be heard. This is especially the case when you turn at lower speeds.

5. Bad Ball Joints

The steering knuckles and control arms are able to sustain movement with the help of ball joints. These joints need lubrication to prevent themselves from going dry. Once they do become dry, they will begin to make noise.

6. Bad Suspension Bushings

Like all bushings, the suspension bushings will go bad after a while. All the wear and tear will cause them to break down and crack. This will result in a creaking sound as you turn the wheel.

7. Power Steering Fluid Leaks

Power steering systems is using a specially formulated fluid to lubricates and transmits the pressure needed to move the steering smoothly. This fluid flowing from reservoir to the steering rack and pinion or steering box. If the power steering fluid leaks, it will produce noise especially when turning.

8. Steering Reservoir Tank Clogged

Power steering fluid is fill up and stored in the steering reservoir tank. And generally, there is filter inside reservoir tank to keep the fluid clean. And if the reservoir clogged, it will produce noise when turning the steering wheel.

How to Fix

The problem can be diagnosed in virtually any location. An auto professional will be able to check your suspension system and steering system to see what is causing the noises to form. Based on their diagnosis, they will recommend what needs to be fixed or replaced. Sometimes your suspension system might just require lubrication if the noises have not occurred for that long. But if some of the parts have actually been damaged, then they will need to be repaired or replaced at the auto body shop.

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