Explained DTC: P0507 Idle Control System RPM Higher than Expected


The engine control unit of your vehicle is constantly monitoring your engine’s speed, particularly its idle speed. This refers to the number of revolutions per minute of the engine as your vehicle is not in motion. Your engine is idle whenever your vehicle stops at stop signs, stop lights, or parked with the engine running. The engine control unit must properly manage your engine’s idle speed whenever the vehicle stops like this.

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The engine features an idle control system which communicates with the engine control unit. The idle control system in newer vehicles contains an electric throttle control body, also known as drive-by-wire. The engine control unit changes the idle speed by causing the throttle body to open or close a little bit. If there is a lot of cold in the environment or if you turn on the air conditioner, the engine control unit will make the idle speed increase.

Trouble Code P0507

Your engine needs to stay within a certain RPM when it is idle. The exact RPM may be different for various car models. However, your engine control unit will know the precise RPM it should be at. If for some reason the engine RPM becomes higher than usual while idle, then there is likely a problem with the idle control system of the vehicle. You can figure this out by running a diagnostic check on the power control module using a scanning tool. If the tool shows you trouble code P0507, then this will confirm that you have an idle control system RPM that is higher than expected.

One of the first things that you will notice is the Check Engine light illuminating on the dashboard. Failsafe mode will activate around this time as well. The benefit of the failsafe mode is to strictly regulate the load conditions and RPM of the engine so that it doesn’t get seriously damaged. This should give you enough time to get your vehicle to a mechanic before damage does occur.

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Other causes of a trouble code P0507 include a leak in the intake air valve, a clogged or bad idle air control valve, bad power steering pressure switch, or throttle body carbon buildup. Sometimes a failing alternator can cause this trouble code too. All these car problems are certainly not pleasant, and they would need to be addressed immediately. If you let the RPM get too high with your engine idle, then it may end up permanently damaging your engine. Don’t let that happen.


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