P0113 Code (Intake Air Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit High Bank 1)


The power control module depends on the intake air temperature sensor to detect the temperature of the air that is going into the engine. This is air that comes from the outside environment.

Once the sensor detects the temperature of the air, it sends back that information to the power control module.

Based on this information, the power control module will adjust the fuel injectors and other components related to the internal combustion chamber. Then a sufficient combustion can take place with the fuel and air mixture.

What Does Code P0113 Mean?

This trouble code specifically refers to a bad intake air temperature sensor. More specifically, it means there is a high input issue with the circuit.

Whenever the engine control module gets a sensory reading that has a higher output than usual, it will generate this trouble code. The output voltage of the sensor cannot be over 4.91 volts for at least half a second.

If it is, then the engine control module will read it as an open circuit issue.

Symptoms of Code P0113

If there is ever a problem with the intake air temperature sensor, the first thing that will happen is the Check Engine warning light will come on.

Poor engine performance will shortly follow this too. You will notice that your acceleration doesn’t go as fast as it should. This will greatly limit your ability as a driver on the road.

The only thing to do is take your vehicle to the mechanic and have them run a diagnostic check with their scanning tool. It is better to have a professional do it than to do it yourself because they have the best scanning equipment for the job.

You won’t immediately know that your intake air temperature sensor is malfunctioning. But once the mechanic does their diagnostic check, they should see trouble code P0113 on their scanning tool.

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In addition to the Check Engine warning light, you will notice some other symptoms too while this is going on. The failsafe mode will activate if your vehicle has one.

When you go to start your engine, you may have trouble doing so. If you can start your engine, it will run too lean. These types of burning conditions in the engine will result in pre-ignition complications.

Of course, various cars will have different failsafe symptoms as well. Refer to the owner’s manual of your vehicle so that you know exactly what to expect from this type of problem.



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