6 Symptoms of a Bad Transmission Valve Body (and Replacement Cost)

Last Updated on June 10, 2020

A transmission valve body is a major component of an automatic transmission. It’s essentially a maze-like control center made up of valves, passageways, and solenoids that diverts transmission fluid to where it’s needed for gear changes.

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While not a common part to fail, when you do have some type of malfunction in the transmission valve body, it’s not a simple fix. Your options are either to replace or rebuild it.

Here is how an auto trans valve body works along with common signs and symptoms you may experience when a transmission valve body is bad.

How a Transmission Valve Body Works

All automatic transmission systems have a valve body which serves as the “brain” of the transmission.

There are dozens of various passages and channels within the valve body which direct the flow of pressurized hydraulic fluid to different valves in order to activate the right clutch pack or band and shift to the most appropriate gear based on the current driving situation.

Think of each channel as a tumbler on a lock which has to perfectly line up so transmission fluid is directed where it should.

The valves that make up the valve body each serve a different purpose and their names reflect what they do. For example, the valve body has a 2-3 shift valve which is responsible for up shifting from 2nd gear to 3rd gear.

And if there’s going to be a downshift from 4th gear to 3rd gear, then the 4-3 shift valve would be responsible for that.


Types of Valve Body

There are two main types of valve body. The first type is the electronic valve body which uses the electronic system ECT (electronic controlled transmission) as its main control to operate all shifting on an automatic transmission.

Many newer cars use this electronically controlled transmission (ECT) which has bands and clutches that are operated via hydraulics.

However, an electric solenoid valve is used to control each hydraulic circuit. This is what allows the transmission to have more elaborate and advanced control schemes than non-electronically controlled transmissions.

The controller of the transmission can monitor the throttle position, vehicle speed, anti-lock braking system, and the engine speed.

The other type of valve body is called the hydraulic valve body. This system works by using hydraulic pressure to control each valve that’s linked to the shifting lever.

When you change the handle’s position, it will uncover and cover certain passages in the valve body to accommodate that position. So, if you were to change the gear lever to “Drive,” then fluid would be directed into the clutch and 1st gear would be activated.

6 Common Symptoms of a Bad Transmission Valve Body

If you have a failing automatic transmission valve body, there are some clear symptoms that you should look out for.

#1 – Harsh or Delayed “Garage Shifts”

car won't go in reverse

One of the most common signs you have a problem with your transmission valve body is a delay (2 or more seconds) or harsh shift when shifting from Park to Drive or Park to Reverse. These are commonly referred to as “garage shifts”.

If you have a problem with only one scenario (example: Park –> Reverse), try to limit the amount of times you’re in that situation even if it means backing into the garage or a parking space each time.

#2 – Incorrect Up or Down Shifting

incorrect transmission shifting

While driving, you may notice that your transmission is shifting into a higher or lower gear at the wrong time.

For instance, you may be going up a hill and even though you want the transmission to shift down to give you more power, it instead shifts into a higher gear making the drive up the hill much more difficult.

In addition, you could be driving a steady 60 MPH on a level highway and your transmission sporadically shifts into either a higher or lower gear for no reason. Any type of erratic shifting can be a symptom of a bad transmission valve body.

#3 – Shift Flares

high RPM tachometer

When everything in your transmission is working correctly, in between every shift the engine RPM should briefly decrease on an up-shift (ie: 3rd to 4th gear) to match up with the higher gear.

A “shift flare” is when the opposite occurs: the engine RPM instead increases on an up-shift.

#4 – Banging or Knocking Sounds

tire noise

If you hear a banging or knocking sound as your gears change while accelerating (up-shifts) or slowing down (down-shifts) or when putting your car into reverse, that may be an indication of a faulty valve body.

#5 – Gear Slippage

poor acceleration

While it could be something else like low transmission fluid or worn transmission bands, when your transmission slips out of gear while driving, it could mean your valve body is going bad.

With a slipping transmission, your vehicle may try to up-shift but then quickly falls into a lower gear. Or it may even refuse to shift into a higher gear which makes your engine run at a higher RPM than usual.

#6 – Check Engine Light On

check engine light

If you experience any of the symptoms above and your check engine or malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) comes on, it’s a good idea to scan your vehicle for stored diagnostic trouble codes.

Since the transmission valve body is responsible for so many functions of the transmission, many transmission related DTC codes can pop up. These may include P0715, P0751, P0783, P0829, P2707, among others.

It is easy to ignore these kinds of symptoms in the beginning because they may not be so bad. But the problems with your valve body will often become more clear when you drive your car continuously for at least 30 minutes and your transmission fully heats up.

If you experience any of these problems, it’s advisable to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop and ask a mechanic for their expert opinion.

Transmission Valve Body Replacement Cost

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transmission valve body replacement cost

Replacing your automatic transmission valve body is no easy task, which means it’s not cheap. For a complete job (parts + labor), expect to pay somewhere in the vicinity of $390 to $860.

Parts alone cost on average $250 to $500 but expect to pay more for certain makes such as Mercedes, Volvo, Porsche, and others. Labor costs for the 2-3 hour job will be around $140 to $360 depending on if you go to an independent mechanic or dealership.

You can slightly reduce your costs by purchasing a re-manufactured valve body assembly if one is available for your vehicle.

Note: Before agreeing on replacing the valve body, make sure the issue is simply not a bad transmission solenoid by getting a second opinion from a different shop. Replacing a transmission solenoid is much cheaper.

Replace vs Rebuild

Some transmission repair shops might offer the option of rebuilding your current valve body instead of replacing with a brand new (or remanufactured) one. This can sometimes save you some money, especially for some higher end cars. But should you do that?

Generally speaking, if you have a higher mileage car (100,000 miles or more), you should simply replace your valve body. For lower mileage cars, rebuilding the current transmission valve body is a fairly good option if you’re dealing with a good transmission shop.


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  1. Hi please help BT 50 2011 3.0tdi auto. Only when it shirt from 4to5 it gift’s a double jurk when it shifts. Is it the valve body?

    • Possible cause from valve body, if you do not fix immediately, it will effect to plates and clutches on 4th to 5th area and maybe one way clutch will defective as well.

      Correct me if i wrong…

      • I have a 2006 Volvo S60, AWD,.Turbo 2.5
        When I first start my car and put it in gear either forward or reverse it works fine, if in Drive it shifts fine until it warms up, it has 134 k miles and I don’t believe that the transmission fluid has ever been changed. I got some Sea Foam transmission additive and a couple gallons of transmission fluid, my plan was to add the sea foam let it get to operating temp. then drain it and ad new fluid then do it all over again until I have the other new fluid in it. I hooked it up OBDI and got a code that it wasnt connecting to the computer??, can’t remember actually, but it led me to believe that it was a electronic problem, what would be the best solution to figure out what kind of problem I have, I talked to a transmission mechanic that I know and he told me without even seeing my car that it needed a valve body, I’ve looked at symptoms of valve body problems and have not seen any of these with my transmission, I have seen symptoms of electronic control valve or solenoid, how would I check this without continuously throwing money into it, like I said, it’s a Volvo

        • If you have a AW55-50sn in your Volvo… your gearbox has an integrated Oil-Filter. The Oil-filter slowly clogs up and the oil pressure is no longer sufficient to press the fins together. I had to rebuilt everything and at the end I need a new valve body too. Very expensive thing 🙁

      • Transmission fluid leaked out. Fixed line ,added 4quarts ,no reverse, slips changing gears. Is that symptoms of Valve body.

    • yes, it is possible, and once the valve body malfunction, it will burn also clutches and discs, so it need to dismantle immediately

      thank you

  2. I have a 2008 dodge nitro with a 3.7 motor. I recently had a lot of work done to it such as a new pcm , tune up , fuel induction service, #4 injector replaced , and most recently a TIPM replaced. Shortly after the TIPM was replaced my transmission was getting stuck in gear possibly 2nd. And than it stopped until the other day it started up again. I took it to a mechanic that I trusted this time and came up with a code of p0882. He checked over everything and couldn’t find a problem. He even tried to get it to act up again and no luck. He said it could have a bad TIPM. So since I still had a warranty on the parts and labor, I took it back to the dealership where I had all of that recent work done. They called me up and said that the valve body is going bad and needs to be replaced. What do you think the issue could be ? Is the dealership right? Or should I continue to drive it until it acts up again and throws a code? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  3. I have a chrysler aspen 2008 with a 5.7 hemi..i keep getting a code of p0750.shift selenoid A i have replaced my selenoid pack and pcm..can it be possible that my body valve is causing this problems?hope to hear from u thanks

    • Usually when the selenoid malfuntion, it will effects to entire automatic transmission relative parts if not repair immediately

      • I have a 2004 2.0 vw jetta gls automatic. Yesterday while driving I notice the transmission was not changing. I looked down and some of the insulation around the gear was missing I see down in the compartment. Should I drive to a shop or have it towed

  4. Hi I have a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 4×4. The reverse does not work. It sounds like it wants to go into reverse but not movement. It goes into drive just done. Hoping you can give some guidance.

      • I got stuck at the courthouse yesterday with the exact issue. Could not go in reverse. Sounded like it was in neutral but didn’t go anywhere. Shifted from 1-6 just fine once i got out. It was the valve body. Had it replaced yesterday. I have a 2009 bmw 335X with 170k miles 🙂 Around 700 for the fix. Better than a new transmission or junking the car!

  5. Hi, I have VW tiguan 2.0l petrol. I have faced the problem that the car is not moving in drive mode(D) after driving about 25 km. Spanner sign came on cluster after driving for a while, and there was difficulty in shifting gears.But it could be driven normally after cooling down.After allowing the vehicle to cool, drive was only possible in D1, D3.Even Reverse was not possible. Moreover, most of the return drive was possible only in D1 gear.I visited the VW dealer and they have replaced gearoil but still the problem is the same.Is this the problem due to fault in the valve body?

  6. Hi, I have VW tiguan 2.0l petrol. I have faced the problem that the car is not moving in drive mode(D) after driving about 25 km. Spanner sign came on cluster after driving for a while, and there was difficulty in shifting gears.But it could be driven normally after cooling down.After allowing the vehicle to cool, drive was only possible in D1, D3.Even Reverse was not possible. Moreover, most of the return drive was possible only in D1 gear.I visited the VW dealer and they have replaced gearoil but still the problem is the same.Is this the problem due to fault in the valve body?

  7. my car is Mitsubishi pajero junior 1997, yesterday while i was driving the car around some hilly road suddenly the car slams out of gear while the the selector in still in D position and the car stopped but the engine was working, and nothing happens in all gears D, 2,L and even in R or reverse the car doesn’t move at all.. please anyone who knows the problem help me out… Because i couldn’t figure it out.

  8. I have a 2004 bmw745i can i use the valve body off another 2004 bmw 745i. I switch mines out now its only flashing in park

  9. Have an infinity g35x was driving loud bang then my slip light keeps flashing and sound like a bike chain that cannot catch does go into gears tho plz help

  10. I got a 2004 nissan maxima 3.5 v6 with a 5 speed automatic transmission. When it’s cold it goes into drive good but when it gets up to operating temperature it bangs into drive could that be a valve body causing the problem?

  11. I own a golf 5 DSG GTI. And it doesn’t change gears from 1 to 2 To 3. It change manually on the steering pedals…what might be the problem for it not to change gears ?

  12. I have a 2008 audi A8 3.2 L car. The problem started with a jerk which shifting the automatic transmission gears either in reverse of into D mode. There would be a violent jerk.Sometimes the car would also stall while going up a steep incline and it would seem as if the gears are shifting in the transmission.

    One more problem occurred that while driving normally at various speeds there would be a sudden jerk as if the transmission changed gears or a fuel supply issue occurred.

    the local Audi dealer ship changed the fuel filter and the control unit of the transmission. This has greatly reduced the gear jerk from stationery position but not eliminated it. The jerk feeling while driving is still felt once in a while. The Audi dealer said that when they opened up the transmission they observed that the Valve body is damaged and needs replacement as the circuits on it are not properly transmitting the signals and the jerks are as a result of this.

    I live in Lahore, Pakistan and there are not many highly qualified technicians here so your well considered advice will be greatly appreciated as Ive already spent over 5000 usd and the valve body and labour is another 4000 usd.

    Please help

  13. 2008 Ford F-250 super duty 6.4. Was driving down the highway at 65 to 70mph and the truck just down shifted by it’s self driving home did the same thing the got a code 0766 shift solenoid d stuck off before getting home it won’t not shift into over drive. Got to the road I live on the then it wouldn’t shift out of second. Got the solenoid from Ford replaced that and the filter and noticed one bolt was missing out of the valve body it was in the pan and three others were lose tighten them down put it back together same thing transmission wouldn’t shift into over drive and the temperature became normal in the transmission and wouldn’t shift out second again. Is the valve body bad please help.

  14. I drive fairly easy on the gas but still…. what about that rough jerk when accelerating from a complete stop, going to 2nd or 3.rd ? Doesnt seem to happen much when the engine is cold. It easily happens when it downshifts to an almost complete stop such as first gear will engage and when shifting up, it will jerk badly if I press the gas a little extra..
    So I’ve seen reman’d valve body at $200 bucks and that would be a great replacement if it cures the problem. What you think ?
    I certainly don’t want to spend +$2,000 on a new transmission a valve body on a truck that is worth about $2500 🙁 … I like this truck (Ford Ranger 2004, single cab, extra long bed is a bliss and I just replaced rear window gasket – was leaking; redid the ceiling lining and even went further and put an Outback roof console (yeah, it was cheap on ebay), and also bright LED internal lights… so I like this truck 🙂
    Thanks for the article.

    • Once again, I have a 2006 volvo s60 awd 2.5t, the car has 134 k miles and when I first start it and put it drive it goes into gear and shifts normally, if I put it into reverse it works fine until it warms up then it acts like it’s in neutral, I’ve hooked up obdi and came back with a code not electronically hooking up? I replaced the transmission ecu with no results, complete waste of money, this is a Volvo AWD car and parts are very expensive, I don’t want to keep throwing money at it hoping to find the problem, I believe that the transmission fluid has never been changed so I got a can of transmission sea foam with the plan of putting it in and starting the car and shifting it through all the gears letting it get up to the operating temperature where it quits working then drain the fluid do it all over again then put the final jug of trans fluid I have in, this will give me pretty much clean fluid, I’m hoping that it will cure the problem. I have a freind that is a transmission mechanic and without even seeing the car just with my description he says valve body, I’ve seen no symptoms of valve body problems with my car. Do you have any idea what it could be if not the valve body and if it is the valve body what’s the approx cost of repair

  15. I was told by the dealership that the valve body has a problem. They have been trying to identify the issue for 10 months. They are replacing it now. Could this problem have affected other parts of the transmission? I am not sure what to ask to have them check and my warranty expires in 1 month. Thank you

    • If the problem started in the warranty period you should be covered especially because you have taken it in to the dealership to get looked at.

  16. My bmw e46 zf automatic transmission that works well for 20min on a nonstop straight drive and fails in 5,4,3 gear after 20min as it indicates (*) on the drive mode. Could it be atf or valve body or something else? Pls help.

  17. I just bought a 2016 altima and the valve body needed to be replaced. I bought it less than a month ago. Car is under warranty but im kind of skeptical now. Should the car be fine after replacement or should i see if i can change car? Bought it through a well known dealership.

  18. I have 2011 polo vivo clp i have problem changing the gears if i shift the gear stick to drive it makes a banging sound and it makes same sound when you shift to reverse and it remains on the first gear,pls help.

  19. I have an MG 3 salon car,2013 model,its the valve body that’s faulty but i can get the replacement to purchase.Do you have some dealers i can contact?

  20. Hi, i have a issan Pathfinder se 2003, i took it out for a drive one morning everything ok and then suddenly i observed on the way back that it i would have to rev up to 3000 rev/min b4 the gear changed to 2nd gear and after that it would not change to any gear after that , but would downshift back to 1st gear once i slowed down.

    pls what could be d problem and is it still manage to move around with?

  21. Good day..I have a Venda 2009 model and it was skipping gear so I just changed the valve body but after that I found out that the gear stops changing after the 4th gear.what could be the cause and how do I resolve it..thank you

  22. What might cause a with an automatic transmission that in 5th gear when given a punch of gas revs to very high rpm

  23. My volkswagen transmission slips between first and second gear. You can see the rpms shoot up inbetween gears before in engages second gear. Have warranty for transmission but they claim the repair shop cannot show physical signs of damage therefore they deny the coverage. There are also no warning lights on dash. Any suggestions on how to prove its the valve body?

    • Actually if you need proof for the warranty claim, workshop can do active test using scan tool. scan tool can record the data for failure condition. it look like your car has delayed shifting.
      as you said the transmission has slips, if you keep run at this condition, the plates and clutches will be burn

  24. I got a Madza 3, 1.6, it lights AT Light then skips gears, from 1 to 4. What could be the problem? But if the AT light is off it changes gears just fine.

  25. Hello,
    I have Mercedes W202 C200 1999 automatic transmission , recently i have replaced conductor adapter 13 pin and Gasket , now the gear does not shift to up gears during drive it moves with 1 , 2 , 3 and not change the gear automatically to up shifts as well when it is in D after moving and push the accelerator pedal the gear not change and the it stick have to press break pedal and then it goes to the manual.
    so please tell me what is the problem? does it relate to the transmission body valve or other things. what should i have to do to fix this issue.

  26. I have a 2007 Porsche Cayman S, new to me, with the auto tiptronic trans. I notice when driving in the auto mode, around residential area mainly, the rpm’s will fluctuate a bit…a very slight rev… while going thru the gears. Doesn’t feel like its slipping….no jerking or sounds other than the slight rev…..Usually in 4th or 5th and only when the car is lugging. Seems to shift at about 2000 rpm’s and lugs a bit at slower speeds (kind of normal from what I have learned as far as the lug goes).

    I can make it do it at about 40 mph which is about 2000 rpm…rpm needle jumps a bit, almost like it doesn’t like being in 5th at that speed and is searching for 4th???

    Odd thing is it doesn’t behave like that as much when in manual mode, shifting gears myself…i am guessing because I shift it higher than the 2000 rpm as the auto mode does

    Explained all this to my mechanic…had all the trans fluid and filters replaced (needed it app 72,000 miles) and he reset the computer for it to “re learn” my driving habits????

    Had trans fluids all re checked and all good there. Mechanic suggests rebuilding valve body, THINKS that will cure the problem…

  27. 2018 GMC Canyon. I owned it for 2 weeks and 500 miles before it failed to start, then ran in what seemed like only first gear. It’s been at dealer’s shop for close to 2 weeks. They now are saying that it needs a new Automatic Transmission Valve Body. Bad luck or just the first of what may be many future problems?

    • I have a Honda doch and my gears goes into reverse and 1st gear but when it needs to shift over I need to drive atleast 50/60km before it shifts over to second gear but I don’t hear it goes into its other gears? Need some assistance please

  28. Can dirty/neglected trans fluid cause valve body malfunction? My 1995 Escort was shifting funky at slow speeds but after a few more fluid changes everything smoothed out. Assumed it was the some valve body crud. I typically removed 2 quarts of warm fluid from the fill tube every other time I changed the oil vs dropping the pan. Recently sold the perfectly running, 23 yr old Ford with 175,000 city miles. The trans filter was changed @ 75,000 miles when I got the car in 2000.

  29. I got a VW Sharan 2.8 tiptronic, I got no reverse , can drive in all other gears , but gets a hard jerks when it changes over to 3rd gear. I am not driving the vehicle at this moment but would like to fix. I was told that there are four solenoid valve that can be replaced and it will fix the problem. Can enaone help me , please.


    • It’s definitely possible the control solenoids need replacing. Also make sure your transmission fluid is at the correct level.

  30. Hi, have a 03 nissian altima it’s automatic it’s had a little rough shift for the last 6 months if hard on the gas.
    So did a timing chain repair on it and was running great better than it ever has, went to work turned it off went to leave for break put it in reverse and it wouldn’t move like the brake is holding it but will go through all the gears fine no weird noises or banging just a little wissle sound like it has low fluid and neutral goes forward but no power at all

  31. my sister took her Toyota sienna to have transmission rebuilt. shop completed work but noticed that car shifts odd. now they are telling her the transmission valve body is bad and needs replacing. is this something that should be replaced when rebuilding a transmission off the bat?

    • The valve body doesn’t necessarily need replacing during a transmission rebuild but any reputable transmission repair shop would also be testing the valve body at the time.

  32. I drive a Mercedes Benz E200 Kompressor W211, 2006 facelift. I have a problem with my automatic transmission and from my research on the 722.6, I am having shift flares from 2-3 (in between shifts from 2 to 3, there’s a slight high rev) and 3-4 (having high revs before engaging) and lately it has been going into limp home mode frequently. I have done 3 fluid changes where I changed filter, adapter plate and O-Ring and nothing changed. Need your advise please as I suspect this could be an issue with the valve body.

    • If you’re not noticing any transmission fluid leaking, I’d consider the valve body, torque converter, or vacuum leak at the intake manifold gaskets.

  33. I have a 2004 KIA Sadona.
    5 minutes on the road and I loss all power. I cannot accelerate at all. Can you give me some insight please.

  34. 2006 Audi A6 Quattro with minor slipping from 1st to 2nd and very little in third have a diagnostic check they said valve body bad with the replacement cost of $4008 I’m thinking it’s possibly just the solenoid from 1st to 2nd and possibly third as well what are you think ? Thanks 🙏

    • Bad valve body solenoids are likely. Either find and replace the bad solenoid(s) or the entire valve body (some cars require this).

  35. I have a 2006 Camry I noticed it hard shifts from 1,2 and on 3to4 it double jerks but runs well on 4to 5 does not slip off does not downshift inappropriately down shifts well but when I took the gearbox down I noticed the clutch plates were work the solenoid is bad and the filter is clogged do you recommend changing the valve body also

  36. I have got Toyota 110 5A engine with transmission problem; the car starts well but when you engage drive, it delays for like two to three seconds then jerks as it engages the gear then moves.
    while it’s on sometimes it engages without any problem but reverse has no problem…
    what might be the problem?

  37. I have a 2007 Chevy trailblazer that will no go in reverse but all other gears seem to shift fine. Everytime the check engine light comes on it seems to throw a different code one was a wheel speed sensor one was a camshaft timing sensor and one was a torque converter clutch solenoid and my abs light is on as well as my faction control light what could cause all this

    • I have a 2011 dodge grand caravan crew. I had the engine light come on, took it into the dealership and they said that the valve body needed done and it was going to be $1,900 after taxes to replace it and do an transmission flush and a new filter. This seems super high but other places seem to be quoting around the same.. is this right?

  38. 2004 f150 4.6 v-8trition truck will only go in reverse do u think it’s the values over 200,miles on transmission mechanic wants to repair for $1400.00 am I getting taken or is this really the problem an he wants to warranty for 1yr after repaired,I replaced a solenoid an filter an fluid an go the same result not forward only reverse give me some recommendations please before I spend 1400.00

  39. Hi to everyone,
    I must say I do not understand from cars a lot. But the situation is like this:
    I brought the car to service, cos had some problems with overheating, there as a leak in one radiator pipe. When I got it back from a service I would not vouch for, my car now would not shift to gear 3 or 4 ( I am just too dumb to understand which one). when I drive on 50 km/h it reaches almost 4000 turnarounds a min -> well obviously does not shift the gear. It also has everything like mentioned in point 4: ‘If you hear a banging or knocking sound as your gears change while accelerating (up-shifts) or slowing down (down-shifts) or when putting your car into reverse, that may be an indication of a faulty valve body.’
    The funny thing is that the mechanic said: “now you cannot use the aircon to get hot air” And you must pay 70+ euro for gearbox oil cos you need to change, although I changed it around 15’000 miles back.
    It makes me wonder and I want to ask you wise people: Could have they done something to the car that has lead to this transmission issue, and how it is linked if so? As before the ‘service’ there was totally nothing indicating that something would be wrong with my transmission.

  40. I have a 2013 Chrysler 200, it all of a sudden one day stopped shifting out if first and is harsh going from park to drive or reverse. Is it likely I need a new trans valve body or a new transmission all together?

  41. I have a 2009 Chevy Trailblazer 4.2l 4L60E trans, my transmission lines burst on the highway. Ran it dry, smoked when it was pulled over. Lines are replaced now but it’s quick to first shift, seems late to shift 2nd, sometimes hard shift because I have to let off on the gas. 3rd will not shift unless I let off the gas, has to be at atleast 2k or it sounds high pitched and almost grinding. 4 and 5 seem fine. What needs to be replaced? I work at a parts store and get discounted product, but not knowledge.

  42. I have MPV Mazda 2004. I changed engine sitting, O/D Off started blinking and gear wont select after takin off. Pls does it also have to do with valve body? Can anyone advice me on what to do pls. Thanks.

  43. Hello everyone,
    I have a Mazda 6 2007 2.0 LF engine with a Tiptronic transmission. When accelerating the shift on the transmission between 3 and 4 gear is harsh. This happens after driving for approximately 30 minutes. Carried out engine and transmission diagnostic scan, no trouble showed up. What can this problem be?

  44. 2001 Nissan Maxima
    205K miles
    P0744 code first went off around 202K.
    Fluid was dirty and was almost impossible to drive
    did a Drain-fill and added Lucus as well. It was alot better but P0744 comes back.
    did a 2nd drain-fill and added Lucus since the fluid looked dirty after 4k miles but did have a red tint to it. It drove pretty good after that, but P0744 keeps coming back. Shift Solenoid failing ?

    Part 31940-80X25 ($77-120 part) I believe it is transmission Jatco: RE4F04A
    the ATF fluid I am using is Valvoline MaxLife Synthetic ATF. (compatible with Nissan Matic-D)
    OBD2 Scanner free frame when CEL when off here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrYdsJhOcT4

    • Hello David,

      If you changed the transmission fluid yourself, you may not have gotten all of the old, dirty fluid out. Doing this requires a pressurized flush, and may require a trip to the mechanic if you don’t have access to the right tool for the job. It is generally not recommended to perform a pressurized flush if the vehicle has high mileage (as yours does) and a flush has never been performed before. This can actually render the transmission completely inoperable in extreme cases.

      It could be the torque converter clutch solenoid. This is certainly where I’d start, as these components seem to be prone to failure on Nissans. There is a TSB out for the solenoid valve on 4th gens, but seeing as yours is a 5th gen it may be a different part. Searching the forums for “5th gen maxima p0744” may yield more results. Some Maxima owners ended up having to replace the whole transmission.

  45. Hello I have 2006 Ford Explorer v6 4.0 the problema the light flashing the dashboard tool the car runner 1 change gears 2 20 milles it take hard shift . Valve body problem or transmission something help my

  46. Hi I have a 2000 f150 it goes right into reverse fine but drive hesitate a few seconds or if I bump the accelerator it goes into gear . It drove just fine and no slipping before this issue . I dropped the pan and found very limited clutch material but also found the factory dipstick hole plug and very black looking fluid .the previous owner never changed the fluid . So I have fluid and filter, torque converter and shift solenoid already to install and I’m asking if the valve body would cause this and if the dirty fluid could have created a problem in valve body making the problem I have. From looking without taking the transmission apart the friction plates and band look fine . So I’m asking as well should I get a valve body kit as well or just try to spray it off with some brake cleaner and try it. Thanks for your help and advice it’s much appreciated.

  47. Hi, I have a 2011 mercedes w204 cgi 7speed auto which will jerk/not smooth when changing gear 3-4 or 4-5 around 40-50kmh. Will get worse when the car temperature is warm up.plug it into the computer didn’t show any codes. I have change my the transmission oil and filter 3months back and the problem came back again. Can I know is there any problem with the gearbox?thanks

  48. 2012 Highlander accelerates great, it’s when you release the gas around 40 that the car sounds like it is in low gear. Took it to my mechanic he drove it and couldn’t hear anything, but put it on the machine and he said I had an event. He got a p0014, bank 1 exhaust something from the history, but CE light never came on. Still feels the same to me, he said when it happens, bring it to him and don’t turn off. I did and no error, and I still hear it, so brought back again for a fix any fix. He drove around on errands for 2 hours, city and highway, nothing. Did notice bubbles in tranny fluid. At a loss, just want it fixed. Someone told me replace timing chain and do water pump while I’m at it. Car has 135,000 miles and has always run well. The bubbles were odd, since it sounded like transmission problem to me. what’s the code for faulty computer. Been driving this for 8 years, it always ran like new, well taken care of, my mechanic has been great, but I’m at a loss.

    • There could be several codes for a faulty computer depending on which computer and what the symptoms are. Can you describe the sound in a bit more detail? Is it a whirring or grinding noise? High engine speed?

      • Hi, I have a 2005 Toyota highlander FWD, the car accelerated great and changing gears smoothly but anytime you shift the gear to reverse its slam as if some engine seat is bad. The slam is fair when the engine is not hot and become mild or a well noticed when the engine is hot. Please any advise on the potential copyright. The transmission oil is very ok but a little below gauge and a notice a leak under the transmission pan.

  49. 2007 Sentra 2.0 CVT

    Code : P1778

    Replaced the value body, filter and gasket filled with correct fluid. Same result high rpms no speed.

  50. My 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser is my fourth Toyota (2002 Camry/2006 Prius/2016 Prius). After 120K miles, I’ve been DIYing my FJ’s fluid check/replacements every 30K. My 2007 FJC is an automatic with 187K miles. I usually drive the FJ only when I needed to haul my drums to gigs. My daily driver is my Prius. It didn’t don on me that there was a problem with my transmission. It was a gradually progressive surge then engage between 2nd and 3rd and would “clunk” when I came to a stop. Then one day I got the “Christmas Tree lights” in my dash (check engine, VSC, ABS, etc). One day, the trans would not shift in any forward gear, but would reverse with no slippage. After Ran an initial code scan and the following trouble codes were read; P2714 Pressure Control (SLT) Solenoid D Performance Stuck Off, P2757 Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) Solenoid D performance problem or solenoid stuck off, P0771 Shift Solenoid (SS) E Performance or stuck off. Checked my tranny fluid. It was grimy as hell. I did a complete flush/replacement (from the with the tranny oil cooler line) with
    Toyota WS fluid until it ran clear. All the while after 100K miles I was just replacing what I bleed from the tranny oil pan, YIKES! Also replaced the internal filter, which had no chunks of metal, just sludge. It took finding a YouTube video on how to flush/replace an FJ tranny of it’s fluid (the tranny is “sealed”, meaning that there is no dip-stick… just an overflow port, a fill port, and a drain port). That took about 16 quarts. Cleared codes and ran another scan. Now, only the P2714 code showed, however, my FJ still only moves when I put it in reverse.
    So at this point my dilemma is this: should I just start at replacing the SLT solenoid? Or, should I just go ahead and replace the entire valve body (with solenoids included)? the cost of springing for remanufactured valve body is more cost effective than replacing individual solenoids, piece-meal. All 7 solenoids will cost way more than a remanufactured valve body that includes all 7 solenoids. If junk is clogging the valve body (and possibly other solenoids, valves, and passages), it makes sense to just replace it, right?
    Thank you kindly, in advance!

    • That is some good diagnostic work you’ve done so far, Dan!

      I’m not really sure what the best next step is and I don’t want to guess. What I do know is that FJs have quite an enthusiast following. Your best bet is probably going to be the forums and Facebook groups with other owners. Enthusiasts are often much more knowledgeable than a general shop on the nuances of your vehicle.

      In the worst case, you may be able to find another owner to help you swap a new transmission. Perhaps a salvage or spare transmission would be cheaper than hunting down all the issues on an old, tired unit? Good luck on your quest.

  51. HI I have a Nissan tiida when I put my car on drive it drives but it won’t chat to gear two and then the ideal increase hight
    Could it be my valve needs cleaning?
    Please help

  52. Hi,I have a 2003 Jeep Gran Cherokkee overland 4.7l…long story i have no drive….drive is 2nd 2nd is first and first is first


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