The Functions of the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) in Your Car

Positive Crankcase Ventilation

The function of a Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) works towards the removal of hazardous fumes from your cars’ engine as well as preventing those fumes from expelling into the environment. The system works best by means of manifold vacuum to remove the harmful fumes from your car’s crankcase and expels them into the vehicle’s intake […]

Ignition Coil Test, Symptoms, Functions And Replacement Cost

bad ignition coil symptoms

In this article, we are going to explain about basic functions of ignition coil, bad igniton coil symptoms, how to test ignition coil and the average cost of ignition coil replacement. So here we go… Basic Functions Of Ignition Coil Ignition coils are known as compact electrical transformers. Their purpose is to take the low […]

Car Won’t Accelerate Symptoms and Reasons

car wont accelerate symptoms

The symptoms of a car not accelerating can be seen among many vehicle most prominent of which are the high mileage vehicles. A driver might not notice them in the usual driving but they become abundantly clear during the circumstances like driving up a hill or during the quick acceleration in a fast moving traffic. […]

Symptoms of Low Automatic Transmission Fluids

Symptoms of Low Automatic Transmission Fluids

The symptoms of a low transmission fluid can mean the matter of life and death for a car since these symptoms usually indicate the brewing transmission problems. These problems may include rough shifting and degradation of the transmission components. The transmission fluids do the work of lubrication in the transmission systems of a car and […]

Symptoms of a Faulty Speed Sensor in Your Vehicle

The engine speed sensor of a vehicle is a very important component because it helps in sending information to your car’s central processing unit with details about the speed at which the engine spins at every specific moment. The speed sensor performs this function by monitoring and making records about the rate at which the […]

The Reasons Why Your Car Engine Cranks But Wont Start

Engine crank but wont start

If you own a car, you might have come across the problem when your car won’t just start. You can feel so frustrated, especially when you repeatedly turn the car key in the ignition and your car simply does not power on itself. However, as desperate as it may feel, it is advisable that you […]

ABS Light Comes on Symptoms

abs symptoms

The ABS is an abbreviation for the Antilock Brake System. The ABS is one of the devices in your car that are responsible for the safe driving and your control over the car in case of any emergencies. In case of any issues or problems in the ABS systems of your car, the ABS light […]

How to Clean Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors

The fuel injectors are the parts of the engine which are responsible for spraying a mist of mixed air and fuel into the intake valve of the engine from where the mixture goes into the piston cylinders for the combustion. The ECU (engine control unit) determines the amount of fuel which is pushed into the […]

How to Identify Bad Wheel Bearing Symptoms

Bad Wheel Bearing Symptoms

For any vehicle owners who are concerned with potential wheel bearing issues, there are some clear signs that a wheel bearing issue may exist in a vehicle. First and foremost, a bad wheel bearing is going to probably be making some strange noises which will be easily audible to the driver and any other passengers […]

Symptoms of a Bad Throttle Position Sensor

Symptoms of a Bad Throttle Position Sensor

The throttle position sensor transmits the information about the position of your throttle to the computer of your car which is commonly known as ECM (electronic control module). The throttle position sensor consists of mechanical parts and is prone to wear and tear. A bad throttle position sensor will feed wrong input values to your […]

What is the Purpose of a Diesel Fuel Pressure Regulator?

Diesel fuel pressure regulator

A fuel regulator is meant to be flexible and durable. Fuel regulators are created with many ports and fittings to make sure that they are able to work well without any issue. You will be able to choose from all of the options that are out there with carbureted applications that are as low as […]

Throttle position sensor functions and replacement cost

Throttle position sensor function and replacement cost

Basic functions The throttle is the valve inside an internal combustion engine which regulates the amount of fuel that flows into the engine. The throttle position sensor is a piece of the throttle that makes sure the correct combination of air and fuel is going into the engine. Thanks to the computerized technology that now […]

What are knock sensor functions and symptoms?

knock sensor location

The Function The main function of a vehicle’s knock sensor is to sense for vibrations that are caused by the detonation or knock of the engine. You will find the knock sensor on the intake manifold, the cylinder head or the engine block. Once there are vibrations sensed, the powertrain control module receives a voltage […]

Electric VS Hydraulic Power Steering

Electric power steering

Power steering is a system in cars that makes it easier for drivers to steer their wheels by assisting them with the torque. The traditional form of power steering is hydraulic power steering, which consists of hoses, drive belt, fluid, a pulley and a pump. Basically, it works by having the pump attached to the […]

Limited slip differential vs. locking differential

Limited slip differential

Locking differentials and limited-slip differentials both serve similar functions, but they also have some differences as well. They both get installed onto the axles of a car in order to give the wheels better traction while enduring rough environments, like dirt roads, which can cause one of the wheels to spin and break traction. If […]

Brake problems in cold weather

Brake problems in cold weather

If you live in climates where cold weather is common then it could cause problems for your brakes. Now mechanically speaking, cold temperatures don’t actually ruin your vehicle’s brakes. But what they can do is cause your brake rotors and pads to wear out faster. The reason for this has to do with the slippery […]

Spark plug misfire symptoms

sparkplug misfire

Spark plugs are the main component of an engine’s ignition system. They ignite the mixture of fuel and air in the combustion chamber from the electrical current it gets through the ignition coil. This ignition keeps all the cylinders in your vehicle moving, which in turn keeps the car moving. If a spark plug fails […]

Cylinder head crack repair cost


Cylinder heads are located on top of the cylinders that are inside an internal combustion engine. The pistons close the heads on top of the cylinders, creating a combustion chamber that compresses the contents of the cylinder. Cylinder heads obviously provide an important role in the combustion process, but what many people don’t realize is […]

Brake drum & shoes working principle

brake drum working principle

The brake drum is pretty much the same as a brake disc. When someone puts their foot on the brake pedal in their car, the brake shoes press up against a surface that is spinning quickly. This spinning surface is the brake drum and they are usually located on the rear wheels of a vehicle. […]

Petrol engine working principle


A petrol engine is the standard four-stroke engine found in most vehicles that run on gasoline. It is basically a machine that generates power for the vehicle by converted fuel energy into heat energy, which in turn causes the vehicle to move. The process is quite fascinating because the engine creates power from the fuel […]

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