What Does Check Engine Light Mean and How to Reset

Last Updated on January 16, 2019

Hello everyone, in this article we are going to explain about car trouble shooting to help determine root causes and find the problem through the check engine light. So you will understand what does check engine light mean and you can reset the check engine light by your self. And here we go:

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Check Engine Basic Function

A car’s dashboard is comprised of many different small indicator lights. These are warning indicators which represent different systems and areas of a vehicle. Most of the time, we do not see these indicators illuminate because everything is fine. But if there were to ever become a problem with a particular component or system in our vehicle, the corresponding warning light would illuminate on the dashboard. This is meant to make the driver aware that a problem exists there.

Check Engine Working Principle

The warning indicators are connected to the vehicle’s electrical systems and engine control unit. Whenever this central computer detects any kind of problem in the vehicle, it will activate one of the appropriate warning indicators by illuminating it on the dashboard. One of the most serious warnings you could receive is the “Check Engine” light. When this indicator illuminates, it could mean several things. There is either a problem with your engine or with one of the electrical systems which support the engine, whether directly or indirectly. Basically, any major problem with the vehicle which limits its functionality will cause the Check Engine light to illuminate on the dashboard.

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How to Reset the Check Engine Light

Sometimes your vehicle may seem just fine, despite the Check Engine light staying on. There are more than a few reasons why this might happen. Overall, you should not ignore the Check Engine light no matter how your vehicle seems. Even if it drives okay, there could be some underlying problem that needs to be addressed in the near future.

Below are 3 ways to reset the Check Engine light.

Find and Fix the Problem – The Check Engine light will usually come on for a reason. If you have not addressed that reason, then you need to so. Take your vehicle to the mechanic and have them run a diagnostic system check. This will determine where the problem is coming from. Once the mechanic fixes that problem, it should cause the vehicle’s computer system to deactivate the warning light.

Reset Diagnostics Computer – There are circumstances where your Check Engine warning light may come on because of a glitch or error. You can take care of this problem by resetting the diagnostics computer with a device called the Check Engine Light Code Reader. Your local car dealership should have this device and will probably reset the computer for free. This also comes in handy if you fix a problem and the Check Engine light still stays on.

Take out the Battery – The first two methods should work to reset the Check Engine light. In rare circumstances where they don’t work, you can remove the battery from the car. The diagnostics computer may still have some power in it, so you’ll want to exhaust all that power by turning on the lights of the vehicle. Once the energy is completely trained, all the information on the computer which caused the light to come on will be erased. Now reinstall the battery and you should find the Check Engine light is now reset.


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