Fuel Filter Function and Replacement Cost

The functions of a fuel filter

A fuel filter cleans the fuel of any impurities like dust particles or any form of debris present in the fuel tank small enough to travel into the fuel filter. The purpose of the fuel filter is to clean the fuel of such impurities before it reaches the pump. The debris in the fuel tank can be in different form like rust. This rust can form due to moisture retaining of the gas tank. Because of this rust, the fuel can get contaminated and therefore, must be cleaned by the fuel filter. By cleaning the fuel, the fuel filter protects the engine from the potential damage which can be caused by such contamination by making sure that the fuel that goes into the fuel pump is clean. The average fuel filter replacement costs are not that high. In fact, they are in more reasonable ranges. It may not be that expensive to replace but can save you from fairly expensive engine repairs.

When to Replace Your Fuel Filter

The replacement times of the fuel filter are defined by the two ways. One is that of the mileage count. This means that if your vehicle has travelled from 20,000 to 30,000 miles, then it is high time for you to replace your fuel filters. If your vehicle is not that much in use then you must count by the time passed until the last fuel filter replacement. This time spans to that of the two years. To make the long story short, either 20,000 to 30,000 miles or two years, whichever of the two conditions is fulfilled first, it means that the fuel filter of your vehicle needs to be replaced. It’s also a good idea to have your mechanic take a look at the fuel filter of your vehicle during every maintenance interval.

Symptoms Indicating That the Fuel Filter Needs To Be Changed

If you have lost track of both the mileage count and time passed since the last fuel filter replacement, then you should keep an eye out for the appearance of any common symptoms which may indicate that your fuel filter needs to be replaced. These symptoms may include lack of power in engine in which it will seem like the engine is struggling to keep up. Another symptom is that your vehicle will not start or will have a hard time starting due to contaminated fuel intake and improper air-fuel ratio. Your vehicle will also give lesser mileage than it should and will light up the check engine light like fireworks on 7th of July.

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Average Fuel Filter Replacement Cost

The average fuel filter replacement costs may depend on the year, model and type of the car that you own and the auto-repair shop that you go to. The average fuel filter replacement costs vary between the ranges of $53 to $165 including the labor cost of the mechanic. The average fuel filter replacement costs excluding the labor cost of the mechanic is between $14 to $60 and may vary from car to car.



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