Clogged Fuel Filter Symptoms in Your Vehicle


Since you started learning about cars, have you ever examined the amount of dust, debris as well as other related particles that find their way into the fuel tank? You will feel very devastated when you realize the damage that the dirt can cause if they find their way towards the fuel pump of your car. Since the fuel tank constantly attracts dust over time, the collected dirt can cause harm to the fuel filter and risk the pump as well. Once the dirt clogs the fuel filter, the latter will not work effectively to clean the fuel that pass through to the fuel pump.

Leaving the fuel filter of your car clogged with dirt and rubbish for longer periods without cleaning or replacement can severely affect the performance of your car engine. With such a clogged fuel filter, the dirt will not allow gas to pass through the filter, which might overwork the fuel pump.

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To ensure your fuel filter stays clean and effectively functional, you need to have it frequently serviced through a regular replacement program instead of waiting for it to wear out completely. With the affordability of the fuel filter, most cars commonly need a replacement of their fuel filters after a mileage of between 20,000 and 30,000. Considering the regular replacements should help in addressing any suspicion of a failing fuel filter.

Symptoms of a Clogged Fuel Filter

The following clogged fuel filter symptoms will help you identify the problem quickly with the intention of saving you from a damaged fuel tank in the end.

Hesitant Engines

Once you notice that your engine constantly hesitates as you push the gas pedal, you should consider checking the fuel filter because it might have a lot of dirt. Any degree of blockage will prevent the normal flow of gas into the engine leading to an unusual combustion and the ultimate reduction of the vehicles power and reaction. A dirty fuel filter can cause a vehicle to stumble when accelerating.

Lit Check Engine Lights

Even though Check Engine Lights can come on due to different inconsistencies with your car, a clogged fuel filter itself can also trigger the same. Furthermore, some makes and models of cars have the ability to identify issues with fuel filters as a fault in the mass airflow. As such, a professional mechanic should help you diagnose the reason behind the lit Check Engine Lights.

Engine Failing to Start

Every car engine needs the combination of both air and gas to start. Therefore, without enough gas through the fuel filter, it will not start at all. This means that you have a clogged fuel filter that needs immediate replacement to let the car start normally.

Unpleasant Smell from the Exhaust

When you sense some terrible smell coming from the exhaust pipes of your car, the high probabilities of having a clogged fuel filter should prompt you to see a professional mechanic. Moreover, dark and greyish exhaust fumes emanating from the car’s engine also point toward clogged fuel filter, which needs cleaning or replacement.

Essentially, you should also know that some fuels could have alcohol. Along with a rusty fuel tank, both can bring about a congested and an extremely filthy fuel filter. Ensure you only purchase gas from trustworthy gas stations to avoid impurities that cause clogs in the fuel filter.


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